By Daquan Stuckey

The Untouchabulls keyed in on Week 5’s Player of the Week Jaylon Eggleston and held him to just two points Monday night. However, it was the Bad Boyz team play that stamped the win, 49-43. 

After the game Eggleston of the Bad Boyz gave all the praise to his teammate, Trevonte Blake.

“This kid (Blake) right here, this kid did everything we needed him to do.”

Blake added it was the great team win. Though it was a narrow victory for the Bad Boyz winning by just six, the team’s toughness shined through on defense. They came up with a team total of eight steals. Blake finished with 17 points and five rebounds. A defensive adjustment by the Bad Boyz to slow down the Untouchabulls’ Chris Rosario also made a huge difference. Rosario finished with 12 of his team’s 43, drilling two three-pointers.

Eggelston and Blake both agreed that if they plan to win they will need to tighten up on defense and never give up easy shots. The Bad Boyz play an easier opponent against the Double Dribblers next week who can’t seem to get it right and get their first win.