Jaden Battle is an unsized guard and may not look like an all-star talent, but he definitely is. Battle is a rookie to the league but he already looks like a veteran just a few weeks into the season.

Battle threw in 33 points leading Tune Squad to a 69-61 victory over the Silly Sehnders. Battle was dominant from start to finish and the Silly Sehnders were not able to slow him down at all.

“I like getting everybody the ball. I know what I am capable of,” Jaden Battle said. “I just want to see all of my teammates score too.”

He had done a great job early in the season being a true point guard and being a leader for this new team in the league. Tune Squad is currently 2-2 and that is mostly because of the outstanding season by Battle so far.

At this point in the season, Battle is no doubt the Rookie of the Year leading the league in scoring at 24.5 points per game. From poster dunks to deep threes he has done it all this season through the first four weeks.

Battle led the attack in the second half after his team was losing at halftime. He is becoming a true point guard and leader giving all the credit to the rest of his team.

“It was definitely everybody pitching in on both sides,” Jaden Battle said. “We tried to minimize their threes and thats what we did.”