By Sam Leventhal

After defeating The Hateful 8 in the premier game of the playoffs, Run TMC had a much bigger task at their hands, which stood in front of them just two hours later.

BS&B came out from the tip more slowly than we’ve seen in their past matchups, scoring just 14 points in the opening quarter. However, it wasn’t until the second quarter when we saw a sudden collapse of BS&B. They were outscored 19-9 just before the half by Run TMC in large part by Will Hudson, who has been a dominant performer all season.

Entering the final stretch, Run TMC had gained a seven point lead, but BS&B wasn’t ready to let go of their season. A few big buckets by Eli Todd and Cody Dileonardo brought them back to within three points.

As the game approached the dying seconds, BS&B’s John Lutters pulled up from behind the arc and sunk a clutch shot, saving their season. With only a few ticks left, Run TMC’s Shaq Holman would miscue on a three pointer as the game was headed to overtime.

A very close overtime period would not go in favor of Run TMC. A couple quick buckets from BS&B and a few rushed three-pointers from Run TMC proved to be the difference maker in overtime as BS&B took the contest, 65-63.

Run TMC’s season has come to an unfortunate close, but BS&B lives to play another day. On Thursday, Aug. 12, BS&B will take on Sportslook in what seems to be one of the most even matchups of the season.

Sportslook put their two-headed monster of Andrew Cavanagh and Bryan Acevedo on display this week against Wake & Blake, which really showed to do some damage. If BS&B wants to survive and advance, they will have to find a way to shut down that fearless duo.