A few weeks ago, if you asked people around the Johnston Rec Center about Boom-Shakalaka they’d tell you “Jose Mercado and the other three players.” However, those other three players are continuing to prove that Boom-Shakalaka could have the best starting four in the league, and tthey proved their talent when they took out another undefeated team in Good U, 91-78.

Boom-Shakalaka took a seven-point lead into the halftime break, which seemed to be no worry, as Good U has consistently been able to overcome their slow starts- but this time they were not able to do that.

The fact is that only having four players is a strength for Boom-Shakalaka and for any other teams that would be a weakness. With the talent that Boom-Shakalaka has, they can get a lead and hold onto it. With that, they can control the tempo of the game which is so important to manage the stamina of the players when they are on the court.

“We really controlled the tempo of the game,”Lucas Martin said. “We slowed (the game) down when we were tired. We always got back on defense.”

Boom-Shakalaka can take the lead early in the game which forces their opponents to go with a different game-plan. Against Good U a team who likes to pass the ball around Boom-Shakalaka continued to increase their lead and as a result, Good U was forced to take quick shots as they were trying to catch up which allows Boom-Shakalaka to break out and run in transition.

Boom-Shakalaka is extremely confident heading into the final two weeks of the season as the team looks to close out the regular season with an undefeated record.

“We have the best players in the league on our team,” Martin said. “Our starting four is better than anyone else’s starting four. We are going to steamroll everybody.”