By Gregory Termolle

The Boston Blazers led by 12 after the first quarter and never relinquished the lead. Led by Corey Strickland and James Mitchell with 22 and 20 points respectively, the Boston Blazers improve to 3-2 after a 79-72 win.

“Everything went well,” Mitchell said. “Good passing, good ball movement, good communication on the court, all-around great team effort.”

In the loss, John Coutu had a game-high 31 points on an efficient 14-of-21 shooting to go along with 21 rebounds. He had 21 of his team’s 30 rebounds. Jordan Lugo and Aaron Avant were the two other players in double digits with 19 and 13 respectively.

The box score shows a relatively close game, just like the score indicated. Although this was the case in the end, the poor start in the first quarter for the Dujes Boys is really what killed them. After going down 12 after the first quarter, the Boston Blazers shot slightly better than the Dujes Boys and had a few more shots made, which gave them the victory at the end of the night.

After the first quarter, it was a pretty even game. The two teams fought back and forth while the Dujes Boys tried to comeback after a strong third quarter but their resurgence fell short. There isn’t really much that stands out on the box score that led to the Boston Blazers victory, but they’re rolling.

Next week, the Boston Blazers will look to ride on their three game win streak against the Werewolves, who are struggling. The Dujes Boys will look to get back to winning ways against the Alaskan Bull Worms in a battle of 1-4 records.

“Hopefully we can do everything we did today, team effort all the way around,” Mitchell said. “That’s the key to winning.”