By Victor Dawson

Wow, the Brotherhood’s Michael Davis and Tyron Coward were the big stars, as they dominated and put a strangle hold on tonight’s game, which their team controlled for all 40 minutes.

Michael Davis finished with 30 points, and five assists, as Coward was not too far behind with 21 points and 10 boards for The Brotherhood, but don’t let the scoring numbers fool you. Jibril Chisholm and Derrick Davis were their emotional leader’s tonight, helping bring some powerful motivation to the team.

From start to finish, Brotherhood dominated Wake and Blake, as if it was pick up game. Most importantly though, their stifling defense was their bread and butter, as their guards were laser-focused on that end. Look for their stingy defense to help elevate them as one of the top teams in league.

Brad Degregorio was Wake and Blake’s leading scorer tonight with 13 points, a steal and a block. There weren’t too many encouraging signs with this squad, as they look tired and outmatched, but hopefully they can turn things around for week 2 when they take on Insports.