By Joe Catapano

Sportslook would have won Tuesday night even if they had not scored beyond the first quarter. The team won their third straight game, 89-24, after outscoring The Hateful 8 26-2 through the first ten minutes.

The Hateful 8 continues to be plagued by the lack of a star ball handler, which puts them at a disadvantage in a league filled with natural scorers. They are still searching for a solid offensive strategy, as they have yet to break the 40-point mark in a game this season.

“We’re not anywhere near as athletic as any of these teams,” Patrick Croteau said. “We are getting outhustled, which makes us take bad shots and we’re not playing slow like we should.”

The Hateful 8 failed to find a glimpse of any offensive rhythm, shooting 21.2 percent as a team. Joey Marino led the team with 9 points on 4-of-7 shooting from the field.

Sportslook’s Andrew Cavanagh continues to get better each week. He scored a whopping 40 points on 81.8 percent shooting, and fell one assist short of a double-double.

Sportslook’s “pedal to the metal” style led to a large 52-6 lead at halftime. They continued to prove they can perform at high levels on both sides of the ball. It took until the fourth quarter for The Hateful 8 to score more than ten points in a single quarter.

Other strong performances came from Scott Christy, who scored 17 points and Markus Colin, who finished with 13 points. After the game, Sportslook owner Steve Christy talked about his team’s 3-0 start.

“[They’re] everything you need in a winning team,” Christy said. “They play together; they stretch the court; they run up and down the court; they make it happen; they play good defense; they pass the ball; they share it.”

Christy added that he can’t wait to see his team play competitively for the remainder of the season.

Insports will square off next week with one of the other two remaining undefeated teams, ZewCrew, while The Hateful 8 will be up against The Land in a game of teams still in search of their first win.