By Matt Stefano

In a close see-saw game, the Cereal Killers continued their undefeated streak as they defeated The Firm by the score of 72-62.

“We were definitely going to play a much more competitive game,” Cereal Killer’s Justin Thompson said. “It seems as though we had some games that were a little bit overmatched in our favor and this time obviously we had to bring a little bit more competitiveness in.”

The first half was dominated by The Firm with many highlight reel worthy plays. Markey DesRuisseaux was showing off his vertical as he posterizing the Cereal Killers time and again. Despite the dunking onslaught, going into the second half the Cereal Killers were only down by two.

Cereal Killers proved why they are an undefeated team in the third quarter, but The Firm was far from giving up. Mike Davis of Cereal Killers had eights points in the third quarter, all of them being in quick succession. At two separate points in the third quarter The Firm was down by 12 points, yet by the time the third quarter ended The Firm was only down 53-50.

“When the second half comes in we know exactly what we need to do and we execute a lot easier. That happens with any game that’s competitive from the beginning. So we let the first half go in the back and the second half we go crazy,” Thompson stated.

Going into the fourth quarter, Cereal Killers played their usual game while The Firm got sloppy. The Firm started missing shots and missing passes which resulted in turnovers. As the turnover bug caught them they started slacking on defense.

“We were a little bit more aggressive on defense and we made sure that we capitalized off of their poor defense. They were getting a little bit more offensively oriented so we just made sure we put the ball in the basket,” Thompson added.