By William McAdoo

There was no need for Bryan Acevedo to show up for Sportslook as Scott Corchard dribbled right by the careless Kekambas time and time again Tuesday night.

Chris Aaron and the Kekambas came into the game wanting no part of the Sportslook squad. With their lackadaisical effort on both sides of the court, Sportslook was able to take over the momentum and run through the Kekambas, 64-48.

The Kekambas committed 24 turnovers, while none of their shots seemed to find the bottom of the bucket. Aaron, the best player for the Kekambas, entered the game late giving Sportslook an early advantage to get a lead before he could bring his team back within fighting distance.

“Shooting, keep shooting,” responded the Kekambas’ Joe Hattani at halftime. “Their defense is alright, but our offense is really bad.”

Right from the gecko, Kekambas scrambled around in sloppy fashion throwing careless passes across the court, behind their back, and through their legs as they would take off-balanced shots hoping for a prayer that it would go in. In order to beat an experienced team like Sportslook, simple passing and open shots is the answer. The Kekambas were so excessive it bit them in the rear and showed on paper and in the final score.

The Kekambas will look to snap their losing streak as they go up against a difficult yet 2-4 Cereal Killers team, who are also trying to snap their losing streak in week seven. This is a critical game for the Kekambas if they plan to improve their place in the standings before the playoffs.

“We weren’t really too worried about this game, it was more of a conditioning game,” Sportslook’s Nick Bacarella said. “We really need to get our conditioning up since we have a big game next week against the Temptations.”

When asked about teammate Scott Corchard, Bacarella answered, “Anytime you have someone that can facilitate your team, it helps out in every way.”

Corchard lead his team to the victory with 20 points and five steals. He is no-doubt the best ball-handler in the Legacy Leagues without question, and having someone like that who can find the open man has the potential to beat the Temptations in week seven and possibly bring home the championship.