By: Ryan Welch

Dujes Boys was able to defeat Alaskan Bullworms in a hard-fought matchup on Wednesday night by a final score of 80-61. They once again relied on John Coutu to provide much of their offense but were still able to get it done on the defensive side of the ball.

They used a strong first quarter to defeat Alaskan Bullworms behind 36 points from their star, John Coutu. He also added 12 rebounds, seven steals and four assists in the victory.

This was an important win for Dujes Boys, who have dropped many close contests over the last couple of weeks. This victory made sure that they didn’t drop any lower in the power rankings, which is vital for them as we approach playoff time in a couple weeks.

“They were shooting well and getting back better on defense in the first half,” Coutu said. “They took advantage of a lot of our miscommunication and that’s something we have to work on.”

After a slow first half, Dujes Boys was able to pull away from Alaskan Bullworms due to the offensive burst from Coutu. The biggest thing moving forward for them, as stated during the last couple of weeks, is going to be for them to try and find another way for them to score and move the basketball around. This was by far their best defensive performance of the season and if they keep playing like they did tonight they could ride this momentum deep into the playoffs.

In the loss, Matt Barber scored 30 points to go along with six rebounds for Alaskan Bullworms and Justin Simmons also added 11 points, four rebounds and three assists. They were able to keep it close for most of the first half but fatigue caught up to them after halftime and they were unable to hang in and keep pace.