Size, athleticism and defense are just some of the things that the Bucket Chasers used to obliterate the Basket Hounds, 114-59, on Tuesday night.

The Bucket Chasers got out to an early 38-15 lead after the first quarter, and they used two four-man rotations which enabled players to stay fresh throughout the game.

The second unit for the Bucket Chasers came in during the second quarter and immediately played shut down defense against the Basket Hounds. The Bucket Chasers used their defense to get out in transition

“Lot of fast breaks,” Kevin Figueiredo said. “Lots of defense turning into transition.”

Figueiredo led the way defensively and offensively all night for the Bucket Chasers. He had too much size for the Basket Hounds to find someone to match up with him throughout the game.

The big man led the way for the Bucket Chasers with five blocks, but he also ran the floor which led to easy bucket after easy bucket. By the end of the night, Figueiredo scored a game-high 43 points after shooting 21-for-24 from the floor.

Despite the great individual performance, he gave a lot of praise to his teammates for their effort.

“Everyone was really hustling,” Figueiredo said.

Figueiredo’s unit which is the Bucket Chasers best unit allowed only five points in the second quarter to the Basket Hounds and that allowed the Bucket Chasers to propel themselves to a 41-point lead at halftime.

The Bucket Chasers also forced 11 turnovers and outrebounded the Basket Hounds 56-22 which allowed the Bucket Chasers more opportunities on the offensive side of the floor.

Next week the Bucket Chasers will play Good U at 9 p.m. while the Basket Hounds will hope to win their first game of the season against the Shady Dunkers at 10 p.m.