The Duje’s Boys can thank three people for their dominant 86-60 win over the Werewolves on Tuesday night.

Vincent Volpe had 34 points with eight three-pointers in the game. John Coutu did not lag behind, as he posted 33 points of his own with six three-pointers, as well. The last name is not one that is going to jump at you because of what he filled the box score with. Shaine Patrick left his footprints on the game due to his voice and leadership. Every play he was audibly taunting and trash-talking opposing players at every chance he got. The Werewolves lost the mental battle and despite a close first half, the aforementioned factors blew up any chance of an upset win. 

In spite of a short sample size, it is going to be very difficult to beat a team when they make over 17 three-pointers combined. With the favorable pace they play, teams are going to struggle with Dujes Boys’ fast-break and transition offense.

After the game, Patrick said their defense was the difference maker and credited shot making as a big factor. Coutu added that their rebounding and harassing defense were keys they wanted to carry over from their championship run in 2019.

“We know what works for us,” Coutu said. “We’re a fast team.”

Looking ahead to their next opponent Lob City, it is going to be a must-watch game. Lob City has won four championships with Duje’s Boys, winning the most recent ones. Dujes Boys are looking to have a repeat performance of last night. “

“If we hit our shots, play good defense, hopefully things work out in our favor,” Coutu said.