By Nathan Sweeney

Davon Pratt has had a substantial winter campaign and has been the focal point on a Shocker City team that has All-Star talent everywhere you turn.

Monday night the two-seed Shocker City took care of Team Moose and was able to come away with an easy win 115-76. Pratt once again led the way for Shocker City with 35 points and 11 rebounds.

“It’s just a game. It’s just a game baby, one game at a time” Pratt said “You just have to start having fun again, you lost a game, so what? Play your game, you’re a great guy, you’re a supreme legend, play your game.”

Pratt is averaging 23.1 points per game and 7.9 rebounds in his Winter 2019 season which has made him an obvious candidate for MVP.

“I know I deserve it. It’s MVPratt actually,” Pratt said. “But if I don’t get it it’s still love, everybody’s good. I don’t want to take anything away from nobody, but it rightfully belongs to me. You’ve seen some of the shots, I deserve it. It’s my year this year guys.”

Davon Pratt has picked up his play this season, emerging as one of the best players Shocker City has

Pratt is no stranger to the lime light also. His energetic antics on the court can be heard from two courts over as he often celebrates with his teammates after they hit a shot or make a defensive stop. His usual scream of, “Oh my god!” can be heard often times after he sinks one of his deep threes from well beyond the arc.

His energy and enthusiasm can be felt throughout his team and could be a major reason Shocker City has experienced so much success this season, having only lost one game. He has created some excellent team chemistry and never seems to be down on himself even when things aren’t going his way.

With the Quarterfinals in the books, Shocker City will face a tough task next Monday as they will butt heads with a tough Sportslook team.