Legacy Leagues Week 5 Power Rankings

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The Brotherhood have no plans to leave the number one spot. Without leading scorer Russ Payton, Michael Davis led his team with 17 points and 14 assists during their annihilation over the Air Ballers. They have had an easy schedule, but with Davis back in the lineup look to see the deadly combination of Payton and Davis attempt to hand the Cereal Killers their fourth straight loss.




green-arrow-up-1 With Tarell Vargas coming off a triple-double and a win against the Cereal Killers, No Limit continues to move up in the rankings. As long as the 4-1 squad can continue to work as a team and facilitate the ball amongst John Rullan, Howie Miller and Vargas, No Limit will prove they are championship worthy down the stretch.




green-up-1-on-gray Coming off their first loss, Sportslook bounced back and defeated BS&B to improve to 4-1. They are a force to be reckoned with, especially with the new addition of Eric Green, who provides even more depth for this loaded squad With Green’s size, Bryan Acevedo’s scoring and Scotty Corchard facilitating the ball to his teammates, this team has their eyes on making it back to the Finals.




red-down-2-white With the absence of Nick Santorelli, and the new addition of Chris Días, the temptations had no problem moving past Chris Aaron and the Kekambas in comfortable fashion. Carmine Santorelli took over the game from the beginning, providing five assists and a quiet 21 points. Fred Milfort, Erik Silva, and new recruit Días face the grueling No Limit team next in a showdown of 4-1 teams.




green-up-1-on-gray  Goon Squad was able to pull off a monumental win against a fatigued Sportslook team last week, and was able to come back and scrap together a seven-point win against the Titans. Matt Marconi commanded the game with his 22 points, and patrolled the glass with eight rebounds. Goon Squad goes into week 6 against the Air Ballers as they look to increase their record to 5-1.




green-arrow-up-1 The Cereal Killers come off a devastating overtime loss against the tenacious BS&B squad. This week, Tarell Vargas and No Limit knocked off the Cereal Killers, handing this team their third straight loss. Adam Samuel showed up with a career high 45-point game, while Thyron Coward and Will Hudson could never find their rhythm. The Cereal Killers will look to end their losing streak against the defending champs.




red-down-2-gray BS&B entered week 5 coming off a win against an experienced Cereal Killers team, but were unable to stay unbeaten as Sportslook handed them their first loss. Andrew Sampietro had his worst game this season, scoring only six points on 3-of-12 shooting. Without Sampietro producing, BS&B did not stand a chance against the depth of Sportslook. BS&B shifts their attention to an overtime quarterfinal rematch from a year ago against Run TMC.




Chris Aaron and the persistent Kekambas did not show up against the Temptations. The Kekambas were lacking effort on the court, as well as team chemistry. Chris Aaron came off a 34-point game in week 4, but could duplicate that performance against Carmine Santorelli and the Temptations. The Kekambas need to work together to produce easy points in order to power past the more talented teams in the league.




Run TMC was able to overcome a four-game losing streak and defeat one of the other winless teams in One Time. Newcomer Reggie Stewart provided an impressive 18 points on 8-for-13 from the field, and added three assists. In order for Run TMC to improve their record, Reggie Stewart needs to command this team, while getting production from everyone else week in and week out.




The Titans come off of week 5 with a nail-biting loss to Goon Squad, a game in which they battled hard throughout. While Steven Echols stayed quiet, only scoring two points, Jack Champagne grinded out 18 on 7-of-10 from the field, it was not enough to beat a team that just came off a great win over Sportslook. They look to get their first win against a winless One Time team in week 6.




One Time was unable to hang with Run TMC for the full 40 minutes, ultimately fading late. Mike Cody was the only player to show up for One Time, dropping 32 points. Players like Rob Koripsky and the Murphy brothers need to step up and provide more support. One Time has another chance to get their first win this week as they face off against a also-winless Titans team.




The Air Ballers were officially deflated as the whistle sounded in the first quarter. They were destroyed 105-51 by the defending champs in week 5. Without Jaylon Smalls, the Air Ballers would not have had the slightest chance getting the ball over the court against The Brotherhood’s full-court press. This team will have an immense challenge securing a single victory this season, but never say never. Up next is Goon Squad.

Legacy Leagues Week 5 Power Rankings

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