By Tyler Feldman

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The Brotherhood’s playoff position is set in stone regardless of how this game turns out. That said, I don’t expect the Brotherhood to roll over and let their perfect record be tainted. With a loss and a Run TMC win in week 9, BS&B would see themselves drop to the seven spot in the standings. With Russ Payton sitting out week nine, BS&B will have to capitalize on the MVP candidate’s absence.

Players to Watch: Tim Adanti (The Brotherhood), Cody Dileonardo (BS&B)

  • Adanti: 14 PPG and 6.2 RPG
  • Dileonardo: Leads team in PPG with 12.6

Potential Breakout Players: Kevin Rivera (The Brotherhood), John Lutters (BS&B)

  • Rivera: 9.1 PPG on 53 percent shooting from the field
  • Lutters: Summer 2016 All Star, second most assists on team despite only starting one game.

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Will: The Brotherhood

Tyler: The Brotherhood

Eric: The Brotherhood

Ian: The Brotherhood 



This matchup doesn’t look as though it will provide much drama. Sportslook has been cruising and the Air Ballers still find themselves at the bottom of the standings. Currently tied for the worst record and losing the point-differential match up, short of something magical it looks as though the Air Ballers will head into the playoffs as the 12 seed. With a cluttered top of the standings, Sportslook must win if they want a first round bye in the playoffs.

Players to Watch: Bryan Acevedo (Sportslook), Jaylon Smalls (Air Ballers)

  • Acevedo: 35 points in last week’s win over Temptations
  • Smalls: Leads team in PPG, 3P%, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals

Potential Breakout Players: Johnny O’Brien (Sportslook), Louis Verderame (Air Ballers)

  • O’Brien: Leading team with 40 percent shooting from 3-point range
  • Verderame: Leads team with 55.6 shooting percentage

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Will: Sportslook

Tyler: Sportslook

Eric: Sportslook

Ian: Sportslook


9PM: TITANS (3-5) vs RUN TMC (4-4)

Since Reggie Stewart joined Run TMC four weeks ago, his team went from 0-4 without him to 4-0 with him. Stewart’s impact is obvious, but should not overshadow how much improved the entirety of this team is. Riding a lot of momentum, Run TMC has an opportunity to jump past BS&B in the rankings with a win and a BS&B loss. The Titans find themselves on a three-game win streak themselves. This game should prove to be an exciting matchup of two surging teams.

Players to Watch: James Echols (Titans), Ty Alston (Run TMC)

  • Echols: Leading team with 56.1 FG%
  • Alston: 23 points in last week’s comeback win over Cereal Killers

Potential Breakout Players: Derrick Edwards (Titans), Matt Zocco (Run TMC)

  • Edwards:Tied for team lead in blocks
  • Zocco: Leads team in APG, missed last week due to injury

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Will: Run TMC

Tyler: Run TMC

Eric: Run TMC

Ian: Run TMC



This game looks to be our most promising matchup of week nine. The Temptations find themselves currently at the fifth spot on the standings, just narrowly missing a bye in the playoffs. Given the other matchups this week, it looks like whoever wins this game will get the final bye. With the playoff implications so high look for this to be a hard-nosed matchup featuring two of the league’s elite scorers.

Players to Watch: Carmine Santorelli (Temptations), Matt Marconi (Goon Squad)

  • Santorelli: 26.4 PPG and 57.6 FG%
  • Marconi: 26 PPG and 52.9 FG%

Potential Breakout Players: Chris Dias (Temptations), Matt Delmonte (Goon Squad)

  • Dias: Averagin 9 PPG and 5.5RPG, left last week early with injury
  • Delmonte: Returning after missing last week. leads team in APG, second on team in overall rebounds

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Will: Temptations

Tyler: Goon Squad

Eric: Temptations

Ian: Goon Squad


10PM: CEREAL KILLERS (3-5) vs ONE TIME (0-8)

The Cereal Killers fell short to Run TMC last week, despite a first half lead. The Cereal Killers have played incredibly inconsistent basketball as of late, but are looking to finish the regular season on a high note with a favorable matchup against One Time. Aside from Mike Cody, One Time has struggled to find scoring options and it has resulted in a winless season. While it won’t be easy, this is a game that One Time could potentially win with an above average team performance.

Players to Watch: Will Hudson (Cereal Killers), Mike Cody (One Time)

  • Hudson: Coming off a double-double last week (20 points, 13 rebounds)
  • Cody: Leads team in PPG, APG and RPG

Potential Breakout Players: Mike Masciola (Cereal Killers), Kyle Murphy (One Time)

  • Masciola: Leads team in BPG and assists
  • Murphy: Second on team in PPG, RPG and FG%

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Will: Cereal Killers

Tyler: Cereal Killers

Eric: Cereal Killers

Ian: Cereal Killers


10PM: THE KEKAMBAS (2-6) vs NO LIMIT (6-2)

These two teams have quite the romance when it comes to Twitter. I don’t expect that once these two teams are face to face on the court that same love will be visible. No Limit is in a bunch at the top of the standings hoping for a first round bye. With a victory No Limit would be locked into one of the top four spots. The Kekambas have shown sparks of stellar play, but have been plagued by inconsistency. The Kekambas will have to channel their best basketball if they wish to come out on top.

Players to Watch: Chris Aaron (Kekambas), Howie Miller (No Limit)

  • Aaron: Leads team in both points and assists
  • Miller: 18.8 PPG, 40 percent from 3-point range

Potential Breakout Players: Davin Sirpenski (Kekambas), Javier Lopez (No Limit)

  • Sirpenski: Leads team in RPG and BPG
  • Lopez: 100 percent from behind the arc this season (3-3)

Legacy Leagues Predictions:

Will: No Limit

Tyler: No Limit

Eric: No Limit

Ian: No Limit