The Fall 17 Legacy Leagues All-Star Game will take place on Wednesday, December 13 at 7pm featuring Team Heston and Team O’Donnell. The Fall 17 Finals will take place immediately following the All-Star Game on December 13 at 8pm.

Players were voted into the All-Star Game and All-Star contests by the four analysts as well as members of the Weekly Rebound Podcast. There will be a fan-vote for one spot in the 3-Point Contest as well as one spot in the Dunk Contest. Polls will be up right here on the site during the week of August 7.

Brian Heston (Werewolves) **Captain** [Team Heston]

Brendan O’Donnell (Skyhookers) **Captain** [Team O’Donnell]

Matt Camara (Boom-Shakalaka) [Team Heston]

Brett Cody (Big Baller Brand) [Team O’Donnell]

Cody Crawford (The Alliance) [Team Heston]

Trevor DiMicco (Boom-Shakalaka) [Team O’Donnell]

Gino Forte (Werewolves) [Team Heston]

Jared Hanson (Halfway Crooks) [Team Heston]

Victor Kashouh Jr. (The Alliance) [Team O’Donnell]

Dylan Lincoln (Halfway Crooks) [Team O’Donnell]

Lucas Martin (Boom-Shakalaka) [Team O’Donnell]

Max Matroni (The Alliance) [Team Heston]