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Coming in at number one for the second week in a row, The Alliance put on a show in Week One, and Week Two was much of the same. They play a high-energy style of basketball, and will lock you down defensively leading to dunks before you can blink. They have a seven-man rotation, which allows them to stay fresh, and the chemistry they have is unmatched. They have the highest scoring team through two games, boasting 238 points which is almost 60 more than the next team.



Boom-Shakalaka also remains in second place as they only other undefeated team in the league. Boom-Shakalaka plays with a toughness that makes opponents work for every bucket. Offensively they have the size on the inside, but if you pack it in the paint they will rain it from downtown. Matt Camara showed flashes of Larry Bird in week two, draining threes from wherever he pleased.



After a blowout loss in Week One, Halfway Crooks was a question mark going into the second week. No team wants to fall into an 0-2 hole to start the season, so taking care of Big Baller Brand was important. The addition of players proved to be the difference, as they remained fresh down the stretch and were able to lock down defensively. The Halfway Crooks demonstrated a high basketball IQ through two weeks, helping them take the biggest leap forward in the rankings.



Werewolves took a step back both literally and figuratively. All game long they were stepping out of the way of The Alliances high-flyers in Week 2. However, this team stuck together and showed poise down the stretch. They can still take some positives away from this game: chemistry and depth are this team’s bright spots as they can attack opponents in multiple ways using their versatility on both ends of the floor. The Werewolves look to rebound next week against Boom-Shakalaka, and prevent falling even further down the ranks.



Big Baller Brand descends this week after another disappointing loss. Brett Cody is the standout player everyone has their eye on after a stellar 46-point performance in Week 1. As defenses attempt to contain him, the rest of the team is going to have to step up. They were unable to do so in Week 2, falling to the Halfway Crooks. They will have to figure out how to save Cody’s energy so that he can make plays down the stretch of games.



The Skyhookers came into this game off of a blowout loss to The Alliance in their first game. Brendan O’Donnell once again led the way in scoring with 29 points, but it was not enough. The Skyhookers were very competitive against Boom-Shakalaka in Week 2, with their downfall being a poor third quarter. They seemed a bit lackluster coming out of halftime, and were outscored 29-15. Next week will be a gut check for them as they search for their first win of the season against the Halfway Crooks.