By Tyler Feldman

Monday night is set to be an evening of superb Legacy League’s action. With just four teams remaining, we are going to put the chase for the Napa Auto Parts Championship Trophy on hold and celebrate all the high flyers, sharpshooters and All-Stars this league has to offer. For the first time ever, the Legacy Leagues will be holding a three-point and slam dunk contest. *Both events will be live streamed on our Facebook page*

East Coast Garage Door Three-Point Contest (12/5, 9pm)

The first event of All Star night will pit the league’s best perimeter shooters against one another. Modeled after the NBA 3-point contest, contestants will be shooting 25 total shots from five different ball racks located along the arc. Each rack will have five balls. The first four balls will count for one point each, while the fifth ball, or money ball, will count for two, adding up to a maximum of 30 possible points.

While the event itself will not be timed, contestants will have no more than two minutes to complete their 25 shots. While time is not a primary factor, in the event of a tiebreaker, whichever shooter completed the 25 shots the quickest will be given the edge. Therefore, while speed is not necessary, it could prove to be crucial in the event of a tie.

The contest will have six contestants and take place over two rounds. The final round will take the top three scorers from round one. Now it’s time to meet the contestants for the inaugural East Coast Garage Door Three-Point contest. Our winner of the fan vote and final spot was awarded to Blood, Sweat and Beers’ John Lutters. Joining Lutters will be Derrick Davis (The Brotherhood) John Rullan (No Limit), Mike Cody (One Time), Jack Champagne (Titans) and Brandon Massaro (Goon Squad).

While this crop of shooters is impressive I am going to have to give my pick to Jack Champagne of the Titans. Not only did Champagne finish second in the league in three-point percentage on the season, but his promise of munchkins leaves me no choice but to give him my vote. Don’t miss a second of the action as the first shooter takes his mark at 9PM.

SuperClean Slam Dunk Contest (12/5, 9:30pm)

The second event of All-Star Night is the SuperClean Slam Dunk Contest. This exciting new competition will showcase four of this league’s most impressive rim rattlers. The contest will have three rounds: The first two preliminary rounds feature all four players, while the final round will be just the top two scoring dunkers.

Dunkers will be judged by a panel of four judges on a scale of 1-10. Dunkers will have a maximum of five attempts per round and will not be held to an explicit time limit. The two participants with the highest combined score through two rounds will advance to the finals, where each contestant will be allowed one final dunk.

The four gentleman lucky enough to take part in this first time event are: Kevin Rivera (The Brotherhood), Howie Miller (No Limit), Adam Samuel (Cereal Killers), and our winner of the fan vote Davin Sirpenski (The Kekambas).

This contest should be a great deal of fun to watch. While he may not be the biggest man alive, Kevin Rivera is my favorite to come out on top. Rivera is a highly athletic finisher who might have the best vertical of any player in the league, which should translate into some ridiculous dunks.

Fall 2016 Legacy Leagues All-Star Game (12/5, 10pm)

Finally, this exciting All-Star night will conclude with the Legacy League’s All-Star game. On November 18, All-Star captains Carmine Santorelli and Matt Marconi were tasked with choosing their teams for the game. Both teams look strong and poised for a victory. The rosters for this year’s All-Star Game are below:

Team Santorelli:
Carmine Santorelli (Temptations) *Captain*
Michael Davis (Brotherhood)
Adam Samuel (Cereal Killers)
Erik Silva (Temptations)
Mike Cody (One Time)
Russ Payton (Brotherhood)
Jaylon Smalls (Air Ballers)

Team Marconi:
Matt Marconi (Goon Squad) *Captain*
Reggie Stewart (Run TMC)
Scott Corchard (Sportslook)
Howie Miller (No Limit)
John Rullan (No Limit)
Bryan Acevedo (Sportslook)
Steven Echols (Titans)

While both of these teams feature the elite talent in this league, one must obviously come out on top. Team Santorelli is my favorite for this matchup. While Team Marconi has a plethora of ball handlers in Stewart, Corcahrd, Echols and Acevedo, they lack the dominant post presence and size Team Santorelli has. I see Russ Payton and Erik Silva commanding the paint and making easy buckets difficult to come by for Team Marconi.