The Fall 2016 Legacy Leagues All-Star Night will take place on Monday, December 5 at Insports. The night will kick off with the three point contest at 9pm, the dunk contest at 9:30pm, and the All-Star Game at 10pm. Team Santorelli will take on Team Marconi, who drafted their teams from the pool of 16 players voted into the game.


Carmine Santorelli (Temptations) *Captain*
Tarell Vargas (No Limit)
Michael Davis (Brotherhood)
Adam Samuel (Cereal Killers)
Erik Silva (Temptations)
Mike Cody (One Time)
Russ Payton (Brotherhood)
Jaylon Smalls (Air Ballers)


Matt Marconi (Goon Squad) *Captain*
Reggie Stewart (Run TMC)
Scott Corchard (Sportslook)
Howie Miller (No Limit)
John Rullan (No Limit)
Bryan Acevedo (Sportslook)
Steven Echols (Titans)
Chris Aaron (Kekamabs)

The Legacy Leagues All-Star Draft was held Friday, November 18 and was broadcast live on Facebook. You can watch the video below: