Sportslook barely stood a chance against the Flint Tropics in the Semifinal matchup Monday night once they locked it down. Although Sportslook had a great season with many big wins over teams like Shocker City, who advances to the Finals next week, and Redeem Team, they were in for a tough battle with theĀ Flint Tropics, especially after previously losing to them in Week 4. The Flint Tropics got the best of Sportslook in the Semis, 63-49.

“They’re a great team and they had a great season. They’re extremely hard to beat but we were just on our game tonight and locked them down,” the Flint Tropics Tyler Japs said of their opponent. “They’re one of the top teams in this league every year and there’s a reason four teams made it to the Semi’s this year. There are four clearcut good teams.”

The Flint Tropics have been arguably the most consistent team in the league whose teamwork has prevailed in almost every matchup. Having won all but one game in the regular season against the talented Run TMC, they ranked second in the playoff seeding. Former MVP Mike Bozzuto leads the team in points as he averages almost 20 points per game and commands the defense.

“Championship was our one and only goal [although we were] unsure if were going to come back this season,” Japs said. “We knew we had to come back to win this trophy, that was our only sight the whole season.”

Having played together for many years now, this team knows their roles on the court and can always rely on each other to show up each week and perform.

“We’ve added All-Star players like Dom Migliaro who has boosted the team,” Japs said. “We’re a really tight nit group, we know where everyone is going to be and we know what everyone’s going to do.”

They head into the Finals August 19th against the passionate Shocker City at 8 p.m. which will be broadcasted live on The Legacy Leagues Facebook page.

“[We plan to keep our strategy] under wraps. We’ll let them come up with their own thing, but we know what we’re going to do,” Japs said.