When you get called the best, expect others to try and take you out.

Coming into Week 4, the Flint Tropics bumped up one spot to take over the top position in the Legacy Leagues power rankings. Their week 4 opponent? A red-hot Sportslook team who defeated Shocker City in week 3 and jolted to number two on the power rankings. However, the Flint Tropics silenced its critics with a commanding 84-58 win in week 4.

“Coming in we just wanted to play good, Flint basketball and put up points,” said Tyler Japs, the team’s vocal leader who off the bench had 13 points. When he says ‘Flint basketball’, one word comes to mind; team. Flint has played the most team-oriented basketball in the league this season, and this was on full display against Sportslook.

Led by reigning MVP Mike Bozzuto, who dropped 22 points in this blowout, the Tropics didn’t seem to have any trouble against a very talented Sportslook team, surrounded by players like Dan Kokkoros and Jeff Norko, who combined for 38 of the teams 58 points.

From start to finish, Flint pushed the tempo, controlled the clock and got most of their points off of steals or turnovers. As far three pointers go, this is really the only area where Flint needs improvement, shooting 8 for 27 (29.6%) from deep in week 4. Is this high-powered team concerned, however? Tyler Japs doesn’t seem to think so

“We really haven’t been hitting three-pointers, but I think the leagues lucky we haven’t dropped 100 (points) like everyone else.” Japs is not totally wrong here, because Flint has a well-balanced offense and defense; if they aren’t hitting threes and are still winning games, it’s tough to say that there is a serious room for improvement.

With matchups against Run TMC and Shocker City on the horizon, the Flint Tropics look to continue this electric start going forward, and into the playoffs. Also, after stealing the championship trophy after week one, Japs and the rest of the Flint Tropics have one goal in mind.

“This is our year. We took the trophy home week one and it’s coming home with us after the championship.”