The saying goes “history is always written by the winners” and the winners on Tuesday night were Lob City. Despite all of the trash talk from Shaine Patrick of the Duje’s Boys, it was Lob City who came out with the 79-69 overtime win.

Patrick is not afraid to speak his mind and he is more than willing to let his opponents know what he thinks of their playing ability, but the reigning champions have a quiet giant patrolling the paint in Nuri Mahmoud.

Mahmoud will speak his mind, but often times it depends on who Lob City is going against.

“It’s about who we’re playing, but it’s always good to get a win against a team when they are talking like that” Mahmoud said.

Lob City maintained control of the game for the first three quarters even without Cody Crawford, who spent a majority of the game on the bench, but the fourth quarter belonged to the Duje’s Boys. The Duje’s Boys outscored Lob City 20-9 in the fourth quarter as they would forced overtime.

Not only was Crawford on the bench, but Lob City was also staring a second-consecutive loss in the face. With the championship pedigree that Lob City has on their roster, they did not panic.

“Last week we played alright, the ball just didn’t bounce our way a couple of times,” Mahmoud said. “We don’t have to do anything different.”

In the place of Crawford, the likes of Victor Kashouh Jr. and Mahmoud stepped up to carry Lob City to victory. Mahmoud finished with 16 points and six rebounds, including the final two dunks of overtime to seal the win

Kashouh Jr. dominated all game long. Kashouh Jr. finished with a game-high 31 points including some highlight reel dunks. It was not only Kashouh Jr.’s offense that was dominant, but also his defense was stifling all night as the reigning Defensive Player of the Year finished the game with three steals and four blocks.

Kashouh Jr. might be Lob City’s flashy player, but Mahmoud is the quiet player who lets his presence and play on the court do the talking. Mahmoud patrols the paint for Lob City and throws down thunderous dunks that gets everyone’s attention.

“Best big in the league right here,” Mahmoud’s teammate Michael Palumbo said. “Coming for the MVP.

Lob City is still locked in even though there are two undefeated teams left and they are not one of them. Mahmoud knows that his team is solely focused on winning another championship.

“I just let the game talk and the wins talk,” Mahmoud said. “There’s only one category that matters to me is champions.”

Lob City will play the Werewolves at 9 p.m. next week in a rematch of last season’s Finals, while the Duje’s Boys will play the winless Basket Hounds at 8 p.m.

“Winner’s win. Losers make excuses,” Mahmoud said.