By Connor Sauer and Greg Horne

Slam Dunk Contest

It was just another day at the office for Eric Singleton, throwing down highlight dunks en route to a victory at the Summer 17 Legacy Leagues Dunk Contest.

Singleton has been among the most electrifying high-flyers all season, making weekly appearances in the Legacy Leagues Top 5 Plays. It was only fitting to see him rightfully become dunk king of the Legacy Leagues Summer 17 season.

“Who else would you have picked?” said Singleton as he nonchalantly walked off the court after the win.

Greg Langston and Mike Bozzuto also put on a show for the fans, displaying their freakish athleticism and unique creativity while throwing down some exhilarating jams. Langston showed off his incredible hand-eye-coordination with a dunk where he switched hands in mid-air, while Bozzuto threw down his signature off-the-backboard slam, impressing the audience with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’.

The dunk of the night was officially confirmed after Eric Singleton flat-out cleared Jesse Doucette, throwing down a vicious tomahawk dunk. The dunk earned a total of 50 points, a perfect score.

Singleton was notorious for posterizing bodies at the rim during the regular season, but we never got the opportunity to see him actually jump over somebody. When it happened, it was truly a picture-perfect moment.

Former defending champion, Markey DesRuisseaux, was unfortunately not able to show up to defend his title. Hopefully, we get a chance to see both compete head-to-head in seasons to come.

Three-point Contest

Some of the best Legacy Leagues shooters faced off in a three-point contest Monday night. Flight Club’s Jacob Miller came out on top, defeating two players set to face off in Tuesday’s Championship Game — Greg Langston and Howie Miller — in the final round.

The first round was fast-paced, as all of the shooters took under one minute and five seconds. Jesse Doucette struggled, hitting only eight shots, the lowest total of the night. Fry Time’s Jacob Caselli finished with 13 points and Bad Boyz Destin Simmons outscored him with 17 points.

The three final contestants were Greg Langston, Jacob Miller and Howie Miller. Langston and Howie Miller, two All-Star Game selections, were the favorites in this final round. Howie Miller started off the final round with a low 17-point performance. Langston shot last of the three finalists, but fell up short with 18 points.

That left Flight Club’s Jacob Miller as the Summer 17 Three-Point Champion.

Miller shot 43.8 percent from three on the year and played on a 3-6 Flight Club team who struggled at times. Miller clearly wanted it more than Langston and Miller, who seemed to have Tuesday’s Finals matchup on their minds. Miller was a dark horse candidate, but an  extremely deserving three-point contest winner.