By Dave Piechota

Lob City defeated the Swish Kabobs in a 63-60 victory Wednesday night, securing them yet another shot at the title. In a rare game where Lob City struggled for most of the first half, they were able to lead a substantial comeback in the second half to seal the win.

The Swish Kabobs got out to a hot start right out of the gate, jumping out to a ten-point lead at the end of the first quarter. The Swish Kabobs would go on to extend their lead at the beginning of the second, and finish the half holding a 13-point lead.

“I think we were down 21 in the second quarter, but we just brought it together,” Lob City’s Justin Tabis said about their poor start. “We finally got our head in it, played some defense and hit some shots.”

Cody Crawford hits a contested three as Lob City erased a double-digit first half deficit

Lob City was able to quiet down the Swish Kabobs offensive flurry, and held them to 44 percent from the field. On the other end, their offense picked up and allowed them to shoot 51 percent from the field for the game.

Lob City finished with four players scoring in double figures, with Emmanuel Tutu and Victor Kashoush Jr. leading with 17 and 15 points respectively. Kashoush also tallied nine assists. The Swish Kabobs also had four players in double digits. Del Butler led the Swish Kabobs with 15 points.

Lob City’s perfect season is on the line yet again as they look to take home their fourth championship in four years. They will play the sixth-seeded Werewolves for the title Wednesday night. Lob City edged out a seven-point victory against them early in Week 2 and the Werewolves will look to get revenge while continuing to ride their playoff momentum.