By Ryan Chichester

For the second time this season, Sensual Chocolate found themselves in a position to pull off an upset of an undefeated team. In Week 1, it was a Brotherhood team that had never lost before in league history. Monday night, it was a Monstars team entering the final week of the regular season at 8-0.

For the second time this season, missed free throws thwarted a memorable night and melted Sensual Chocolate down the stretch.

Despite outscoring the Monstars 18-11 in the fourth quarter, Sensual Chocolate made only 11 of their 20 free throw attempts which proved to be the difference in a 71-69 win for the Monstars, who clinched the No. 1 seed heading into the postseason.

“It feels real good to not only finish undefeated, but to finish as the best team in the league,” Monstars’ Lawrence Little said. “We’re looking forward to that No. 1 seed.”

In order to reach the top spot in the upcoming tournament, the Monstars relied on their usual suspects in Greg and Erick Langston, who combined for 39 points on 13-of-20 shooting. It still almost wasn’t enough.

Sensual Chocolate played a sound game throughout aside from some hiccups at the free throw line. In fact, they found themselves with the ball and a chance to win the game before Carmine Santorelli passed off to Troy Brunson, who missed what would have been a game-winning three at the buzzer. It was Brunson’s only three-point attempt of the game, but he did finish with 21 points, which was tied for the team lead.

After exhaling as Bronson’s triple clanged off the front rim, the Monstars were able to celebrate being one of two undefeated teams this season, joining a No Limit team who would present a compelling matchup if the two were to meet in the playoffs.

“We’re not worried about No Limit, they’re just another team,” Little said. “We want to play them since they’re the only other undefeated team…we’re looking forward to it.”