By Kendall Gregory | Photo courtesy of Jake Urquidi

The Flint Tropics came into Week 8 looking to end No Limit’s seven-game winning streak, but were unable to do so in a 72-68 loss. No Limit remains unbeaten with one week left in the regular season, while the Flint Tropics drop their second straight game.

“We want to show everybody the checklist, No Limit vs Everybody,” No Limit’s Tarell Vargas said. “We want to add Flint to the list, check.”

The timing was right for No Limit to play their best defensive game of the season. They were able to create nine steals and pulled down 17 rebounds. It was all needed to shut down Mike Bozzuto and the Flint offense. Nick Japs led the Flint offense, scoring a season-high 31 points. Bozzuto had a quiter night, putting up 15 points 28.6 percent shooting from the field and 22.2 percent shooting from the perimeter.

The first quarter was very slow-paced, each team counteracting what the other did. It was a high-scoring quarter, but neither was doing anything special to pull away. At the end of the first, No Limit had just a six-point lead. The second quarter was much more fast-paced and both teams played a more scrappy type of game. The Flint Tropics took their first lead of the game, 25-23, with 7:56 left in the half. They were able to hold No Limit’s offense to just 11 points in that quarter and at the half, had a five-point lead.

The third quarter was the complete opposite from the second; No Limit outscored Flint 21-9. Going into the last quarter, No Limit had as much as a 10-point lead. Unfortunately for the Tropics, the 21 points they gave up in the third quarter were too many for them to be able to come back and win. Despite tying the game at various points in the fourth and putting up 20 points in the final period, Flint was not able to close the game out.

“They are a good team,” No Limit’s Shaquan Jackson said.

Eric Singleton scored 21 points for No Limit. He also had one of his best defensive games of the season. Vargas and Jackson each added 12 points and combined for 11 rebounds. Jackson also had five steals.

In the final game of the regular season, the Flint Tropics will take on the Temptations, who beat Goon Squad by six points this week. As No Limit looks to complete their undefeated regular season and for a top seed in the playoffs, they face The Thone in their finale.

“We’re taking it one game at a time,” Vargas said. “We have to be patient.”