By Brendan Bucher | Photo courtesy of Alex Denner/Legacy Leagues

Seven-seed Nothing Easy squared up against tenth-seed J’s Trey’s and Fadeaway’s in a First Round matchup on Monday night. Both teams were missing key players in this matchup as there was a loud crowd on hand as this felt like a playoff atmosphere in Nothing Easy’s 60-51 victory.

This game got off to a slow start as it took four minutes for the first bucket to be scored. J’s Trey’s and Fadeaway’s held a nine-point lead at the half and their physical play had Nothing Easy off their game. This was a sloppy game the whole way as the two teams combined for 23 free throws and 28 fouls.

“It’s great you know I love it, they took it a little too far but I love trash talk and luckily we came out with the win,” Salvatore said.

Nothing Easy outscored J’s Trey’s and Fadeaway’s by 18 points in the second half to advance. Nothing Easy had four players in double figures and were led by Joe Capodagli was an animal all night with 18 points and 12 rebounds including shooting 63 percent from the field. Joe Salvatore added 17 points and made three key three-pointers in the second half to complete the comeback.

“Play our game and give it to Capo, they can’t guard him,” Salvatore said.

J’s Trey’s and Fadeaway’s was without a key player in Eddie Giovannini Monday night and Joe Nemchek did his thing with 24 points but didn’t have enough help down the stretch. Justyn Shcueler also added 13 points in the losing effort.

Nothing Easy will get key player Mike Slattery back next week in their matchup against the second seed Rim Breakers. They’ll look to pull off a big upset to move to the semi-finals.

“It’s great to have another big guy, so we will keep it going and hopefully tire them out,” Salvatore said.