The Ozone Boys are a young team in the Legacy Leagues, but their presence is felt on the court. Watching them warm up, they do fancy dunks, long 3’s, and overall joke around and challenge each other. Even though the games are serious, they keep this energy once it tips off, and they put on a pure show of athleticism.

Luke Hogan, an undergrad student at URI, is having a successful start to this season. He had 14 points last week against the Mambas, second on the team behind his brother Patrick who had 17. The Hogan brothers, along with influential members of the team in Zach Brooks and Paul Maguire, are showcasing new age basketball in the Legacy Leagues.

“We try to run teams into the ground, we’re tall… we’re long and we’re fast! So, we can take advantage of those older teams.” Hogan proclaims. “Using our age to our advantage”.

A strong performance across the board helped the Ozone Boys win Tuesday night against Ball Don’t Lie, 77-49.

Like it usually is, the scoring was spread between the Hogan brothers, Paul Maguire, and Zach Brooks. The game was filled with flashy alley oops and dunks, with Brooks and Maguire leading with 15 points each. New face Eriq Isom tallied 12, while Luke Hogan provided 12 as well. A positive performance of 51.5 percent shooting from the field and a combined 14 blocks and steals speak for itself in terms of the dominant display. When asked if it becomes a competition amongst the guys for the SportsCenter Top 10 play, Hogan was ready for an answer.

“We just like to come out here and have fun, every now and then if we run up the score, we’re going get ours, ya know?” Hogan asks. “We’re going throw up some alley oops, we’re going to make it a show.”

It certainly felt like a show. The Ozone Boys are not afraid of the spotlight that comes with the Tuesday night showcases at the Johnston Rec Center. Often, their games are the loudest in the arena.

“We’re definitely hear to make a statement; they saw us last year and they know what’s coming” Hogan said. “Everyone in the gym hears us when we play. They know we’re here.”

Hogan and the Ozone Boys are surely one of the favorites this year. However, it will not be easy, as the competition including Duje’s Boys, Lob City, and Good U look to put up a fight. At the end of the day, its basketball, and Hogan knows what his favorite part is.

“I love the dunks, man. That’s the best part”.