Legacy Leagues Summer 2019 Playoffs: First Round (Monday, August 5th at 7pm)
#8 Tune Squad (3-6) vs #9 Silly Sehnders (1-9)

First Matchup: Tune Squad defeated the Silly Sehnders, 69-61, in Week 4
Current Streak: Tune Squad (L2), Silly Sehnders (L4)
Highest Power Ranking: Tune Squad – 6, Silly Sehnders – 9
Standout Performers: Jaden Battle (Tune Squad) is 2nd in the league in PPG (22.9), and Brendan Bucher (Silly Sehnders) is the team’s leading scorer (15.1 PPG).

In the First Round of the Summer 19 Playoffs, eighth-seeded Tune Squad faces off against ninth-seeded Silly Sehnders with more than just a chance to play in the Quarterfinals; this is an opportunity to prove the critics wrong.

The Silly Sehnders enter this matchup riding a four-game losing streak. During that time, three of the four teams they lost to were Shocker City, the Flint Tropics, and NickStrong (in that order). Coming into the playoffs, the Silly Sehnders look to not only avenge a previous loss to Tune Squad, but to show everyone else why they deserve to be in this league.

Led by ‘the two Brendans’ in Brendan Bucher (15.1 PPG) and Brendan Carey (16.0 PPG), this team plays a fast-paced offense that favors the long ball. In fact, the team led the entire league in three-point attempts (285). In order to compete against a team like Tune Squad, the Silly Sehnders are going to have to knock down the three-ball at a very high efficiency.

Other than shooting better, the team is going to have to severely pick up its game on the defensive side. Only having 11 total blocks on the season does not show a strong defensive game in the paint, and the paint is exactly where Tune Squad’s Chad McKoy lives.

Tune Squad is a team that is led by a powerful duo: Jaden Battle and Chad McKoy. Without these two on the team, we could be talking about Tune Squad very differently. However, because of these two dominant players, this team has entered the playoffs with three wins under its belt.

The teams need to rely on Battle and McKoy could hurt them in the postseason, but it could also boost them into the Quarterfinal against top-seeded Run TMC. Battle is a high-flying point guard that is nearly unstoppable when he is on a hot streak. If he plays to his potential in this game, he could easily drop over 30 points.

McKoy, on the other hand, is somewhat of a wild card. Although typically the tallest and strongest player on the floor, McKoy sometimes has trouble finishing at the rim. His field goal percentage may not show it (66.9 percent), but McKoy has a tendency to get stripped of the ball as he goes up for dunks. In order to pick up the win, he is going to have to have to play tough in the post, and find Battle when getting double-teamed.

In terms of similarities, these two teams really don’t have any. The Silly Sehnders is a team that passes around the wings and shoots the three-ball frequently, whereas Tune Squad enjoys taking the play into the post, and rarely ever shoots threes (140 total attempts).

The first game between these two teams was hard-fought and close, but will the second matchup in the First Round of the playoffs play out the same? If Bucher, Carey and the Silly Sehnders shoot a high percentage from three, they could pick up the win.

However, if Battle and McKoy show why they are the highest scoring duo in the league, Tune Squad could be playing Run TMC in the Quarterfinals.