Legacy Leagues Summer 19 Playoffs: First Round (Sunday, August 4th at 2pm)
#6 Boston Blazers (5-4) vs #11 Halfway Crooks (3-6)

First Matchup: Boston Blazers defeated the Halfway Crooks, 63-50, in Week 4.
Current Streak: Boston Blazers (W1), Halfway Crooks (W2)
Highest Power Ranking: Boston Blazers – 4, Halfway Crooks – 8
Standout Performers: Abe Bright averages 17.2 PPG for the Boston Blazers and Kevin McCartney leads the Halfway Crooks averaging 21.8 PPG.

The playoffs are finally upon us and to start us off in the First Round the Boston Blazers will be taking on the Halfway Crooks. The Boston Blazers beat the Halfway Crooks in the lone matchup between the two teams during the regular season, although that game was back in Week 4 and both teams have changed over the second half of the season.

To close out the regular season the Halfway Crooks beat Basket Hounds in Week 8 and this past week they beat a shorthanded but undefeated Boom-Shakalaka team. The Boston Blazers come into the playoffs on a one-game winning streak, but they did lose three of their last four games. It is worth mentioning that those three loses did come against three of the top four seeds in this year’s playoffs, with loses against the Ozone Boys, Lob City and Boom-Shakalaka.

Both of these teams have had their problems during the regular season. The main problem that the Boston Blazers face is that they often matchup to what their opponents do rather than doing what they want to do. This could be a good matchup for the Boston Blazers because the Halfway Crooks are also a team who likes to get the ball inside, but they also have some shooters like the Boston Blazers.

The Halfway Crooks have struggled to consistently make their jump shots throughout the season. One minute the Halfway Crooks will be making every shot and the next minute they will be missing everything. The Halfway Crook cannot afford a horrible shooting night because if they miss their shots their season will be over.

When these two teams met back in Week 4 it was the Boston Blazers who beat the Halfway Crooks, 63-50. In that game, both teams were tied at the end of the first quarter, but then the Halfway Crooks experienced some offensive struggles and during that time the Boston Blazers built a solid lead that the Halfway Crooks could not overcome. In that game, Jermaine Patterson of the Boston Blazers led all scorers with 21 points. Joey Zocco led the Halfway Crooks with 17 points in that game and it will be important that he makes a high percentage of his shots if the Halfway Crooks want to pull off the upset.

Over the final couple of weeks of the season, Kevin McCartney has emerged as a serious weapon down low for the Halfway Crooks. James Mitchell of the Boston Blazers thinks of himself as the defensive stopper of the team and it will be important for him to step up and quiet McCartney who has averaged 26.3 PPG over the last three games of the season.

The other important matchup will be who on the Halfway Crooks can guard Ade Bright and Terrence Gallo. Bright and Gallo bring a lot of speed and athleticism to the Boston Blazers so it will be important for the Halfway Crooks to find a game plan that will be able to contain Bright and Gallo.

This will be a close game and it will come down to who can stick to their identity more and play their style of basketball. If the Halfway Crooks can consistently make their shots, they will have a great opportunity to pull off an upset. If the Boston Blazers can play their balanced style of basketball that sees a mixture of jump shots and low post scoring, then they will be able to advance.