Legacy Leagues Summer 2019 Playoffs: Quarterfinals (Monday, August 5th at 9pm)
#2 Flint Tropics (8-1) vs #7 Scott’s Tots (4-5) or #10 Brick Layers (0-9)

First Matchup: Flint Tropics Defeated Scotts Tots, 65-44, in Week 5; Flint Tropics defeat Brick Layers, 108-58, in Week 8
Current Streak: Flint Tropics (W5) Scotts Tots (W2), Brick Layers (L9)
Highest Power Ranking: Flint Tropics – 1, Brick Layers – 10, Scotts Tots – 7
Standout Performers: Jason Bindner is second in the league in blocks for the Brick Layers, Noah Raffone is the leading scorer for Scott’s Tots, and Mike Bozzuto is a former MVP and has made the most field goals for the Flint Tropics

The First Round is nearly underway after nine weeks of regular season ball this Summer. The Flint Tropics await their first opponent after a First Round match up between Scott’s Tots vs Brick Layers.

Scotts Tot’s is coming off a two-game win streak with success over¬†Shocker City in Week 8 and NickStrong in Week 9. Both games came down to the last seconds resulting in a single-digit victory for Scott’s Tots. Although they were new to the league this year, Scott’s Tots has shown heart every game and will certainly put up a good fight if they make it to the Quarterfinals.

The Brick Layers have been struggling all season long for a win, but star player Jason Bindner has been carrying this team. He has 21 blocks on the season which makes him second in the league behind David Armstrong and averages 20.6 PPG. It takes more than one man to have a successful season.

The last time the Brick Layers played Scott’s Tots was in Week 6 which resulted in a Scott’s Tots victory, 80-41. It will be a difficult test for the Brick Layers as their defense has been lacking. They haven’t been able to stop teams from putting up big numbers and they need to capitalize on the offensive end.

In their last match up with Flint Tropics, the Brick Layers lost by a huge 50 points with only two players providing offense: Bindner with 28 and Mike Castro with 22 points. The Flint Tropics’ Mike Bozzuto, Tyler Japs and Nick Japs all scored 21 points in that game with other outstanding performances from the rest of the team. The biggest difference between these two teams is that the Flint Tropics use all components of their squad while the Brick Layers only have two guys who consistently produce.

In this league, it is not a one man show and all players have to work together as a unit in order to triumph. Scott’s Tots has been playing well as a team in recent games, improving their record to 4-5 and putting them in the seventh-seed.¬†Noah Raffone is the teams leading scorer and with teammates like Kory King and brother Jacob Raffone, they will certainly be a tough out for the second-seeded Flint Tropics should they matchup Monday night.