Coming off of a heartbreaking overtime loss to Flint Tropics in Week 2, Redeem Team was hungry and ready to get back into the win column. It just so happened that all that anger was taken out on a winless Brick Layer team, who Redeem Team swiftly defeated 111-49 in week three.

At the beginning of this game, it seemed like Redeem Team had taken Brick Layers for granted. Brick Layers had not scored over 40 points in a game, and have basically been dominated in every game this year. However, the newcomers started this game off pretty strong, keeping it at a 10-9 scoreline on the back of Jason Bindner.

When Redeem Team started getting out-rebounded and out-hustled, that is when this game really started to open up. Redeem Team switched up its defensive game plan, and was running a full court trap for the majority of the game. With the Brick Layers inability to consistently push it past half court, this left many opportunities for Redeem Team in transition.

“We felt like we lacked a little bit of effort (defensively) last week, and focused too much on scoring,” said Melquan Horton, who had 19 points and 7 steals in this one. Horton says the team lacked effort on defense last week, and boy did they make up for it this week by posting an absurd 37 total steals.

While Brick Layers fought tough and never truly gave up in this game, this one got out of hand quickly. Redeem Team has a potent offense with players who aren’t afraid to dunk on you, post you up down low, or knock down a shot from deep. In this game, six of seven players on Redeem Team’s roster posted 10 or more points, and this just emphasizes how this team simply plays as a team. No one is a selfish scorer, and no one is afraid to pass up a good look for an even better one.

“This is a new group of guys playing together…when we put everything together, we’ll keep getting wins like this,” said Horton. He’s right, if this team continues the season as a collective unit, they will be a problem for the other top tier teams. They have the size, the speed, the ball handlers, and the strength. In this league, there’s not much more you could ask for.