Following a 2-7 Winter season, the Duje’s Boys wanted to turn things around and get their revenge. Their revenge tour ended on Tuesday night when they beat the third-seeded Good U, 75-61, to win the Summer 2019 championship.

After a poor Winter season, Duje’s Boys captain John Coutu went searching for new players to add to the roster and that led him to Zach Tartaglia, Vincent Volpe, Shaine Patrick and Nick DiDonato.

“We added some impact additions,” Coutu said. “As you can see most of the guys are new. The chemistry (developed) and we played a lot together. We got a big man and it all worked out.

These additions made it incredibly hard for other teams to guard the Duje’s Boys, and Good U found that out on Tuesday night. Coutu led the way with 34 points and 19 rebounds. Tartaglia added 25 points, and Volpe had a triple-double with 11 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists.

The Duje’s Boys upset Good U in the Summer 19 Finals to win their first Legacy Leagues title

“Find the hot man and play team ball,” Patrick said. “Not about what we have or what they don’t have. It’s about who’s hot on our team and how we are going to feed them that night.”

Patrick played his usual role of talking trash in an attempt to get Good U out of their game. The combination of Patrick’s trash talk did not help Good U once they started missing their shots during the second and third quarters.

The Duje’s Boys led by one point after the first quarter, but then they got in their groove and outscored Good U 38-21 during the second and third quarters. This was the turning point of the game because the Duje’s Boys were consistently hitting their shots on the offensive end of the court while also getting stops on the defensive end.

Good U all season long have been a team that likes to pass the ball around and be patient, but once they fell behind they neglected that game plan and instead settled for a lot of dribbling across mid-court and shooting low percentage threes.

Good U trailed by 18 heading into the fourth and although they made a run to get the lead down to just eight points, the Duje’s Boys had the talent and skill to close out the game and raise the trophy.