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The Alliance is the consensus top team in the rankings after scoring 125 points and winning by 59 points in their first game. This team seems like the team that we will be keeping an eye on throughout the season for a few reasons. They were a good defensive team through one game, which led to many easy buckets on the offensive end of the floor. They have played together before, and their chemistry on the court was already present. They have a deep rotation, which helps them in this up-tempo league, allowing them to tire out their opponents.



Boom-Shakalaka is the only other team that dropped over 100 points in Week 1. The few players that were missing from their preseason game ended up playing key roles in their blowout win over the Halfway Crooks. Trevor DiMicco and Ryan Rawnsley were noticeably present in Week 1, combining for 27 rebounds in a game in which their team dominated the glass. This appears to be a very good rebounding team, who already knows how to use that to get easy buckets in transition.



The Werewolves got some big plays down the stretch of their first game against Big Baller Brand, notably from Gino Forte and Brian Heston. Forte hit a big 3-pointer to put them up by two in the final minute, and then nailed some clutch free throws to ice the game for them. Forte and Heston combined for 62 points in Week 1. The Werewolves may not have as much size as Boom-Shakalaka or The Alliance, but their athleticism and team-basketball playing style certainly makes up for it.



Big Baller Brand is the only team that lost by single digits, and if it weren’t for a few great plays from the Werewolves, they could’ve been 1-0. Brett Cody seems like a player who we will talk a lot about. Cody dropped 46 points on 63 percent shooting in Week 1. Matt Simmeth helped out with 26 points on the night, but they came up just short against the Werewolves. They lead for the majority of the game, but let it slip away in the last two minutes. If they can improve on closing games, they can be one of the top-tier teams in this league.



The score doesn’t reflect how well they played. Although the Halfway Crooks lost by 45 points, they only had a five-man rotation. The five-man rotation caught up with them about halfway through the second quarter, which is when Boom-Shakalaka began significantly build on their lead. The Halfway Crooks showed glimpses of what they can do, and they have some players who can put the ball in the basket. Jared Hanson was a bright spot, leading his team with 21 points.



The Skyhookers got an unlucky draw by the scheduling gods having to play The Alliance in their first game of the season. The Alliance had a stifling defense along with tons of athleticism, which proved to be too much for the Skyhookers to handle. The Skyhookers got a great performance from Brendan O’Donnell, who scored 25 points. It will be exciting to see what this team can do when they’re at full strength. They will have their first chance to escape the bottom of the rankings in Week 2 when they take on Boom-Shakalaka.