“We held it down.”

That is what Joey Zocco had to say after Run TMC continued their winning ways with an 85-68 victory over Scotts Tots. Run TMC came out a bit sluggish after the big win over Flint Tropics and being down their best player, Reggie Stewart.

Three players on Run TMC dropped 18 points to help pick up the slack. Dominique Langston was the key for Run TMC as he was a force down in the paint and made some big threes down the stretch to pull away.

Will Hudson is starting to look like himself after joining the team late in the season and if he continues his strong play, it will only cause more trouble for the teams around the league.

After getting a blowout win over Brick Layers last week, Scotts Tots held into this game a lot longer than most people thought they would but in the end the talent of Run TMC was too much for them. Joseph Carbone had a game high 20 points and has been one of Scotts Tots best player this season.

Scotts Tots will match-up against a red-hot Shocker City team in what most people will think will be a tough game for them. Scotts Tots has some talent on their team and they usually do a lot better than people expect them to do.

For Run TMC they have a very tough game against Redeem Team coming up next week. If all of the players on Redeem Team show up for this game it will be a very interesting contest.

For Run TMC, expect Reggie Stewart to be back and be a big factor in the game. Expect the rest of Run TMC to step up as they have done in all of their big games this season so far.

“Next week is a big game we just got to focus on getting everyone back,” Zocco said.