By Ian Croughwell

One Time hung around and ran with Run TMC for most of the track meet of a game, but it still was not enough, as Reggie Stewart‘s 50 points, and a 44-point fourth quarter as a team, helped six-seed Run TMC topple eleven-seed One Time, 111-86.

Run TMC seemed to have the formula offensively, as they took advantage of a slower One Time squad. Jumping out on the fast break and forcing One Time to keep up the pace played into the strengths of the winning side Tuesday night, while teammate after teammate fed Reggie Stewart as he sprinted down the court unguarded.

“We just pushed them,” Run TMC’s Stewart said. “They couldn’t keep up with us and got tired at the end.”

One Time scratched and clawed their way through this tough game, and really surprising a lot of people by keeping this game within striking distance, only down seven going into the final quarter. But after a long, tiring game and a Steve Koripsky ejection, One Time’s “time” seemed to be up as they fell by a score that didn’t really represent their effort tonight.

Mike Cody dropped a respectable double-double with 41 points and 14 rebounds, and teammate Kyle Murphy had 20 points. Reggie Stewart led his squad with a double-double of his own having 50 points and 15 rebounds, Ty Alston ended one rebound short of a double-double finishing the night with 20 points, 9 rebounds, and the Zocco Brothers (Matt and Joey) combined for 29 points, shooting 7-for-15 from three, while Matt grabbed seven rebounds to Joey’s eight.

Run TMC will face the 3-seed Sportslook next Tuesday night in the quarterfinals.