With one week of the regular season remaining in the Summer 2019 Legacy Leagues season, right now is the perfect time to get hot, and go on a run into the playoffs.

For teams like Scotts Tots, who have had their ups and downs throughout the season, Week 8’s matchup against two-time champions Shocker City would be challenging. However, in a shocking turn of events, Scotts Tots stunned Shocker City, 59-58

Although missing a key player like David Armstrong and Tarell Vargas, you would expect Shocker City to come out of the gates firing on all cylinders, but that just was not the case. In fact, Scotts Tots were the ones on fire early, leading at halftime 35-28.

For Scotts Tots, there was no single major contributor in this major win, but it was a full team effort that carried this feisty squad to victory.

“We took advantage of them having a missing player, and our effort was perfect,” said Noah Raffone, the team’s leading scorer (15.3 PPG) who had 12 points in the win.

A major key to this victory for Scotts Tots was their ability to shut down Shocker City’s point guard Carmine Santorelli. Santorelli, the teams leading assist getter (5.1 APG), was held to just one tonight, and had three turnovers.

“We were able to stay in front of number 36 (Carmine Santorelli) and make him pass it out a lot…I think we did really well defensively against this team,” added Raffone.

Without Armstrong and Vargas, Shocker City struggled mightily with defending in the paint. Armstrong, who is the league leader in blocks (25) in only five games, would have been the x-factor Shocker City needed to secure the victory. However, it was Scotts Tots big man Colin Tracy who benefited from this absence, as he was perfect from inside the paint (14 points, 7 for 7 FG).

In this game, and the entire season, Shocker City and Scotts Tots have been polar opposites. Scotts Tots are the young team who is still trying to prove its worth, while Shocker City is already proven, and doesn’t owe anybody anything.

Scotts Tots is well coached, and they play as a team in all aspects. Shocker City, while extremely talented, seemed as though they had written off Scotts Tots before the game had begun. By the time they took them seriously, another tally was getting stitched into the loss column for Shocker City.

Raffone, Tracy, and Scotts Tots still have a lot to prove as this season heads into the playoffs, but a major win against a two-time champion might just be the motivation needed. However, will this hot streak carry into the final week against a streaking NickStrong team?

“If you have a talented team, and you play your game, anything is possible…and we have a talented team,” said Raffone.