By Jeremy Morrison

The Werewolves upset Boom Shakalaka, 77-to-65, to move on to the Semifinals against the Halfway Crooks. The second-seeded Halfway Crooks beat the six-seeded Werewolves in their regular season match up, but the game was closer than the teams’ seeding may suggest.

In their Week 7 match up, the Halfway Crooks beat the Werewolves in their tied-for-second-lowest margin of victory on the season: nine points. Although Gino Forte and Brian Heston finished with 22 and 26 points respectively, they combined for 53 of the teams 76 total field goal attempts, and the duo only connected on 34 percent of their shots. With the Halfway Crooks’ Brett Cody having the ability to shut down some of the best scorers in the league, the Werewolves will either use picks to switch Cody off of Heston, or look for role players to create their own offense.

Dave Campbell is the offensive spark they need to beat the Halfway Crooks. In their victory over Boom Shakalaka, Campbell had an impressive 22 points on 60 percent shooting, hit three 3-pointers, and grabbed 13 rebounds as well.

“Dave just adds a whole other option,” Halfway Crooks teammate Robert Corsi said. “It’s pretty much like adding another Brian to the team. He can shoot threes, he can drive, he can work in the post which he showed a lot tonight. It just opens up another option, and a lot of teams can’t guard three different people at all times.”

However, Campbell under performed against the Halfway Crooks in Week 7. He finished with eight points going 3-for-11 from the field. Considering they lost by only nine points, the Werewolves will need a similar performance against Boom-Shakalaka by Campbell if they want to keep it close against their Semifinals match up.

Although the Werewolves didn’t allow any Halfway Crooks player to score more than 20, they did allow four players to score in double figures, and the team to make 47 percent of their shots. Mike Wilbur, Jared Hansen, and Brett Cody all have the ball handling and shooting ability to score at any time, and if you try to help on defense you risk leaving Joey Zocco open, who’s hitting a career high 39.5 percent from deep.

The Werewolves head into this playoff round with a great win over a tough Boom-Shakalaka team. Their keys to victory are holding off players like Brett Cody and Jared Hansen from scoring more than 20, getting Heston and Forte their points more efficiently, and for the Quarterfinals version of Dave Campbell to show up, not the Week 7 Dave Campbell.