Legacy Leagues Summer 19 Playoffs: Semifinals (Monday, August 12th at 8pm)
#1 Run TMC (8-1) vs #5 Shocker City (5-4)

First Matchup: Run TMC beat Shocker City, 81-61, in Week 4
Current Streak: Run TMC (W6), Shocker City (W3)
Highest Power Ranking: Run TMC – 1, Shocker City – 1
Standout Performers: Reggie Stewart is Run TMC’s leading scorer with 179 points and is also the league leader in PPG and assists. David Armstrong of Shocker City is league leader in blocks, and Carmine Santorelli is the team’s leading scorer with 153 points.

The Semifinals are going to be cutthroat as the four remaining teams have their eyes set on a championship. Run TMC has been playing skillfully all season long and have had close to a full roster each week. Their consistency has earned them the number one seed in this season’s playoffs.

Shocker City is fifths in the standings and are hoping to defend their championship title from last season. Although they have been all over the place this season, starting off with some high-scoring wins in early weeks while plateauing later on. Their scrappy Quarterfinal win over NickStrong August 5th earned them a spot in the Semis, but they almost blew their chance.

Both Run TMC and Shocker City are veteran teams with players who have played together for quite a while, but they key to winning this game is going to be how well they work together.

The last time these teams faced each other, they were pretty evenly matched at the start, but Run TMC pulled away in the end, winning by 20 in Week 4. Joey Zocco had the most points for Run TMC with 18 followed by Mike Slattery with 14. Slattery has been a key player for this team as he has been extremely competitive on the offensive end and is fifth in league leaders for steals.

Both teams are going to play tough and fight until the very end. Shocker City will need to dig deep and work as a cohesive unit to defeat Run TMC, while Run TMC will need to play strong defense to prevent players like Santorelli, Jason Hernandez and Tarell Vargas from putting up big numbers.

The Finals will take place on August 19th at 8 p.m. where the winner of Shocker City versus Run TMC and the winner of the No. 2 seed Flint Tropics versus the No. 6 seed Sportslook will face off.