Week 7 is really starting to show which teams are competitors and which are not. Shocker City is living up to their name and providing shocking performances on the court.

In a match up with Redeem Team on Monday, they were unstoppable. Right from the start they had high energy and were nailing their shots. Although Redeem Team has some impressive players, they couldn’t keep up this game.

“It’s been a good week, it’s been a good year,” Davon Pratt said. “We were struggling at the beginning, trying to find our mixes and matches but we’re just gonna keep fighting, making our way into the playoffs, that’s what we try to do; make it to the championship.”

Tarell Vargas had a huge game Monday with 25 points and five rebounds. He and teammate Kintwon Miles, who had 18 points, were machines on the offensive end. It was almost no contest once they got going.

Both teams were tied at 4-2 on their record, so this game was crucial. Shocker City and Redeem Team had big wins last week so they were both fired up for Week 7.

“Take it one game at a time,” Chris Rudzinski said about their strategy. “But we’re coming.”

This league is all about taking it game by game. It has been unpredictable and in later weeks, it has been getting more and more physical.

“We’re looking forward to playing Flint [Tropics],” Pratt said. “They’re a tough team; a rematch from last year. That’s the team we looking forward to playing the most.”

The Flint Tropics have had a very successful season and almost every team has wanted to face them. With only one loss on the season, they have been dominating their previous competitors and are proving to be a worthy opponent in the playoffs, but Shocker City feels confident in their own abilities.

“We are unlocking this year and having fun,” Pratt said. “[All about] percentages and unlocking.”