By Ryan Spitz

Redemption is becoming summer 17’s ‘cardiac kids’

Every season in Legacy Leagues one team adopts the nature of pulling out games late, with clutch free-throw shooting, timely baskets and stingy defense. The late minutes is where they thrive and it’s how they live and die throughout the season. Last season’s ‘Cardiac Kids’ seemed to be Run TMC. They had a knack for pulling out games late, as they were one of the top free-throw shooting teams in the league and best three-point shooting teams as well. However, this season seems to have a new king of late game heroics in Redemption.

After going through a second place finish in their inaugural season in Winter ’17 with a handful of blowout wins to their credit, thanks to league MVP Jalen Graham, Redemption has redefined themselves this season. Behind the leadership of point guard Scott Corchard, and new addition Dom Migliaro, Redemption has pulled out two consecutive games that went down to the wire, against Run TMC and the Bad Boyz.

First, against Run TMC, in a game that was tight the whole way, Redemption forced the game into overtime and dominated the extra period, outscoring TMC 8-3. They used a balanced attack with five players in double figures, led by Migliaro and Joel Castillo with 16 points apiece. Redemption’s scrappy defensive play and attention to detail offensively helped them pull out this late win.

Second, against the Bad Boyz, Redemption forced another overtime period, after squandering an 18-8 lead in the first quarter. Once again Migliaro led the way with 17 points, with additional support from Erik Silva with 17 of his own. Despite not handling this game against a one-win team in the Bad Boyz from start to finish, once again Redemption came through when it mattered most with team chemistry and experienced play to pull out the win.

If Redemption can continue to find ways to win late, they may surprise some of the better teams in the league, if the game is close as time begins to expire, because of their experience and savvy in the final minutes.

Sensual Chocolate has figured it out 

Sensual Chocolate’s Troy Brunson converts two of his nine points in his team’s week 4 win over Lob 203

After a startling 0-2 start to the season, Sensual Chocolate has rebounded nicely with two consecutive wins, over above average teams in this league in Sportslook and Lob 203. Carmine Santorelli is back to MVP candidate form with back-to-back 30+ point performances, while flirting with a triple-double; with 38 points, six rebounds, and seven assists against Sportslook and 31 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists against Lob 203.

Sensual Chocolate has established themselves as one of the best, high-octane offenses in the league, as they are fourth in points scored, fourth in three-pointers made, and fifth in field goals made. However, their detractor and Santorelli’s common detractor in the past in Legacy Leagues is defense; giving up 82 points per game, for a total of 327 points given up for the season.

However, despite the poor defense, Sensual Chocolate seems to have finally figured out team chemistry and defined player roles, while finally getting a full team on the court in Week 4. The perimeter is owned by Tyhron Coward and Bryan Pratt with the stellar 3-point shooting. The interior is dominated by Troy Brunson and and Jovan Spinks; with Carmine running the show at the head of the offense.

If Sensual Chocolate can continue to score points in bunches they can find themselves coming closer and closer to the top teams in the league, and maybe even avenge previous losses by top-tier teams like The Brotherhood and the Flint Tropics.

Team Moose is the best defensive team in the league

After four weeks it is yet to be clear who the best offensive team in the league is, with The Brotherhood, No Limit, and Sensual Chocolate all in contention. It is yet to be seen who the best fast-paced, pressure team is, with The Brotherhood and No Limit leading the contention there. However, it has become abundantly clear who the best defensive team in the league is, with Team Moose running away with this accolade.

Led by a slew of long, athletic, and fiery competitors Team Moose digs in defensively possession after possession. With former Run TMC defensive stalwart Kevin Blake leading the way, other athletics teammates in Brad Seaman and Connor Daly have followed by example. With 10 steals against one of the top ball-control teams in the league in the previously undefeated Flint Tropics, Team Moose’s defensive intensity was on full display.

Team Moose has given up a grand total of 192 points this season, an average of 48 points per game; with a season high giving up 59 to high-powered No Limit and a season low of 38 to the Flint Tropics this past week. While, not being a super-powered team offensively, Team Moose can put up points, as shown in Week 1, with their 106 points against Sometimes Y.

If Team Moose can continue their defensive hot streak throughout the season, they can push better, more athletic, and top-tier teams to the brink of frustration and potentially upset them in the playoffs when games become tighter and tighter when it comes to foul calls and having every bucket matter.