The whistle blew and Redeem Team was not happy. Melquan Horton pulled his jersey off, knowing it was over, yet still pleading a case to the refs. They wouldn’t budge on the call: a foul that spelled the end for Redeem Team’s season.

As Eric Singleton began taking his shoes off, Sportslook felt relief. They were about to take foul shots with one second left. After making all of them, Sportslook broke the tie and won the game, 70-67.

Sportslook lead by as many as 12 points in the fourth quarter. Redeem Team was able to erase it in part by Sportslook not being able to close out the game.

“I mean, I think we were up by maybe eight points with two minutes left,” Matt Marconi said. “Missing layups, shooting wide-open threes and not hitting them, and (Redeem Team) came down scoring or fouling. They ended up tying it, and we came down and got a late foul call at the end, but we should have closed them out earlier. It shouldn’t have been as close as it was.”

Redeem Team was missing their key three-point shooter in Eddie Whitman, although Destin Simmons took over that role, shooting 5-for-14 beyond the arc. Simmons led his team with 24 points and nine rebounds.

“I mean, they didn’t have their big man, but he clogs up a lot of space in the middle, and Destin was off tonight,” Marconi said.

On the topic of missing weapons, Sportslook was without Jeff Norko. Norko has been a core member Sportslook all season. Having started seven games as well as totaling 115 points, 49 rebounds, and 20 assists, Norko’s presence could have helped Sportslook close the game out better.

“We also didn’t have Jeff Norko, he’s one of our top players, (he) brings a lot of speed,” Marconi said. “It was a good game, but it shouldn’t have been as close as it was.”

After edging Redeem Team, Sportslook will have to tighten up their fourth quarter play if they want to surpass the 2-seed Flint Tropics in the Semifinals.

“Just sloppy basketball,” Marconi said. “We have to close our games better.”