The Stampede pulled off a late game miracle to tie the score and eventually send it to OT, which they won over the Mambas, 69-67.

Austin Barkley had a game high 19 points, leading his team down the stretch with important plays, whether it was on defense or hitting big shots.

“It’s all about hustle and team play, we were monitoring our fouls and making sure we had enough to make it into over time” Barkley said.

It was indeed a team effort as the Stampede had four players in double digits to end the game. Stampede also out-rebounded the Mambas by five, but those few rebounds ended up proving to be key, leading to extra possessions which helped pull out the victory.

It was a very poor shooting night for the Mambas as they shot 36-percent from the field as a team and also 40-percent from the free throw line. John Gyra had 23 points for the Mambas, but it was a hard fought 23. The Stampede made it super tough for him by continuously clogging the lane up and sending him to the free throw line.

For most of the game, the Mambas had the lead and remained in control, but the Stampede just kept themselves alive whether it was off of a steal or defensive stop. The ending was picturesque as the Stampede were down by five in the fourth quarter with less than a minute left. A couple of charges called against the Mambas lead to crucial additional possessions for the Stampede. Heading down the floor, Barkley nailed a clutch three to cut it to a two-point margin.

Immediately after, Dan Heston who had 19 points, stole the ball off of the inbound pass and layed it up to tie the game with 15 seconds left.

“It’s all about hustle for us in that game we got a few calls our way but it was all about hustling” said Barkley. It showed in the plays, whether it was getting key rebounds or stops. This is what eventually pushed the Stampede to force OT and send the Mambas home winless.