Run TMC never let the Silly Sehnders get ahead of them in an action filled night Monday for Week 2. This wasn’t a competitive matchup for this veteran team, especially with players like Reggie Stewart on the floor, but it was some nice practice for TMC.

Stewart entered his seventh season this summer with eyes on the championship. The Two-Time Champion (Winter 17, Summer 17), Summer 17 Finals MVP, 1000 career point scorer and Summer 18 Most Valuable Player, said the key to his teams success is their speed.

“No team can keep up with us in the league,” Stewart said. “We run fast and push the pace.”

This was obvious as the Silly Sehnders couldn’t score more than 20 points at the half. TMC was ahead of them from the start and defeated them by 64 points.

Stewart lead the team with 35 points. He was followed by teammate Mike Slattery with 22 points. The duo showcased their team chemistry during this game. Stewart set up Slattery with multiple assists who completed the passes at the rim. With 16 assists on the season, Stewart clearly had great court awareness and knew were to get the ball. This team runs deep and many players have played together for at least four seasons and that showed on the court.

“No losses this year, we lost like twice last year but no losses this year,” Stewart said.

So far the team is 2-0 on the season and Stewart and his teammates want to continue that winning streak all summer long. Although the Silly Sehnders have lost the last two games, they had a great time on the court. This new, young team has some serious potential with some respectable talent.