By Daquan Stuckey | Photo courtesy of Jake Uquidi

They say there is nothing like the love between a mother and a son, in this week’s standout you will see how one of the leagues more familiar faces prevails even in her absence.

Reginald Stewart of the Monstars is known for his show-stopping game-to-game performances, and flashy play style. Stewart holds the league record for most points in a playoff game (50), and is in the midst of defending back-to-back championships. The Summer ’17 Finals Most Valuable Player seems to always be able to find his groove, however, his inspiration is unmatched.

Stewart grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut where he fell in love with the game of basketball and had to overcome many adversities. No obstacle bigger than Stewart losing his mother when he was a young boy. Stewart never got the opportunity to see or build a relationship with his mother, which is a constant reminder whenever he steps on the court.

“My mother never even got a chance to see me play,” Stewart said.

Despite it all, Stewart was able to push through life and graduate from Harding High School and has turned the loss of his mother into added motivation to keep taking strides.

“I overcame it all,” Stewart said. “I play hard for her as if she was here, because if she was here she would be proud of me.”

The 21 year-old Stewart is currently taking a gap year from academics, but has plans to further his education and basketball career. He is using the Legacy Leagues as a way to stay in shape and remain close to a game that has brought him solace.

“The Legacy Leagues just fit in my life because basketball is who I am, it is what I love and I’m going to ball everyday,” Stewart said.