By Ryan Chichester

Only two teams remain in the Legacy Leagues playoffs, but two different teams will take the court on Monday night in the All-Star game, featuring all of the league’s best talent. Prior to the game, the best dunkers and long range shooters will battle it out in the Sportslook Passing League Slam Dunk and Body By Ryan Fitness Three-Point contests.

All-Star Night will not be broadcast on Facebook Live like in the past, so you will have to be at InSports in Trumbull to watch or follow along on our Snapchat account. DJ Stillo will be on the turntables as we take a night to celebrate the league’s most entertaining and talented players.

Body By Ryan Fitness Three-Point Shootout (Monday, 8/14 at 7pm)

The first All-Star event will be a showcase of the league’s top sharpshooters. Participants will take 25 total shots from five ball racks placed around the arc; in the corners, on the wings, and one at the top of the key. The first four balls on each rack count for one point apiece, while the last ball on each rack, or the DJ Stillo “Money Ball” will count for two points each, allowing for a maximum of 30 points.

The event will be timed, but the time-factor will be used as a tiebreaker in the first round only, as each contestant shall have more than enough time in the two allotted minutes to take all 25 shots.

The contest will consist of two rounds with the six contestants. Half of the participants will be eliminated after the first round, and the final round will contain the top three shooters from round one to determine the winner.

The six contestants are Howie Miller of No Limit, Jesse Doucette of the Double Dribblers, Greg Langston of the Monstars, Destin Simmons of the Bad Boyz, defending champion Mike Davis of The Brotherhood, Jacob Casselli of Fry Time (fan vote winner) and Jacob Miller of Flight Club (fan vote winner).

Davis is the defending champion and will absolutely be in the mix this year, especially after hitting five of eight threes against No Limit in the Semifinals on Thursday night. However, his opponent that night featured one of the best shooters in the league in Howie Miller, who I expect to have the hot hand on Monday.

Sportslook Passing League Slam Dunk Contest (Monday, 8/14 at 7:30pm)

Up next on All-Star Monday Night showcases the league’s best and most creative high-flyers. The competitions will feature three rounds, but the final round will only feature the three participants with the highest combined scores from rounds one and two. This event will not be live streamed, so you will have to be in attendance at Insports or follow along on our Snapchat account.

The dunker’s scores will be determined by four judges, each scoring the dunks on a scale of 1-10. There is no time limit on this event, but each participant will be held to a five dunk limit per round. In the Final Round, each participant is allowed one final dunk to determine the champion.

The six contestants are Eric Singleton of Lob 203,Kintwon Miles of the Monstars, Dom Migliaro of Redemption, Connor Daly of Team Moose, defending champion Markey DesRuisseaux, and Howie Miller (fan vote winner).

I’m looking for Connor Daly to be a dark horse in this tournament, because the guy can jump through the ceiling. However, Singleton has been a human highlight reel all year, so I’ll go with him to take home the title.

Summer 17 Legacy Leagues All-Star Game (Monday, 8/14 at 8pm)

After the best shooter and dunker of the league is decided, the best group of players will be decided in the All-Star Game. Captains Mike Bozzuto of the Flint Tropics and Eric Singleton of Lob 203 already have their teams, both of which are filled with star power after being drafted earlier this month. The teams are listed below:

-Team Bozzuto:
Mike Bozzuto (Flint Tropics) **Captain**
Howie Miller (No Limit)
Russ Payton (The Brotherhood)
Will Hudson (Run TMC)
Greg Langston (Monstars)
Destin Simmons (Bad Boyz)
Reggie Stewart (Monstars)
Tarell Vargas (No Limit)

-Team Singleton:
Eric Singleton (Lob 203) **Captain**
Carmine Santorelli (Sensual Chocolate)
Kevin Blake (Team Moose)
Connor Daly (Team Moose)
Mike Davis (The Brotherhood)
Melquan Horton (Stranger Danger)
Mike Slattery (STP)
Matt Marconi (Goon Squad)

Judging by the rosters, this game will be incredibly interesting since Team Bozzuto seems stacked with the league’s best scorers, while Team Singleton countered with the best defenders in the league. Singleton and Santorelli will be an entertaining scoring duo, while Bozzuto clearly got his wish of drafting the flashiest team that could put together an amazing highlight reel.

Team Bozzuto has incredible size and is stacked from top to bottom with guys who can shoot from anywhere on the floor, so I see Bozzuto and his boys winning a close one.