The Weekly Rebound, joined by commissioner Joey Zocco, comes full circle in the first podcast of season three. Joe and Sam, who joined The Legacy Leagues in Summer 16, are now recognizing the one year mark of their time on staff by previewing the Summer 17 season and adding a few predictions.

Monstars (3:04),Sensual Chocolate (7:38), Red-emption (11:55), Run TMC (15:15), No Limit (20:29), Lob 203 (25:13), The Brotherhood (29:30), Goon Squad (34:40), Stranger Danger (38:05), Sportslook (41:13), Double Dribblers (43:50), Fry Time (46:10), Bad Boyz (49:55), Team Moose (51:30), Sometimes Y (53:59), The Throne (55:47), Flint Tropics (58:10), Untouchabulls (1:01:30), STP (1:02:33), Flight Club (1:03:22), Weekly Rebound Predictions (1:05:20)

Click here for the full Summer 17 regular season schedule!