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The Brotherhood   (1-0)

The Brotherhood put on a great week one performance, showing great resilience and toughness as they hit big shots to pull off the overtime win against Sensual Chocolate. They managed an impressive 56 percent (36-64) from the field to stamp the victory and remain unbeaten all-time in Legacy Leagues action.


No Limit (1-0)

No Limit is headed by a three-headed monster that consists of Jalen Graham, Howie Miller, and Tarell Vargas. They obliterated Goon Squad in the season opener with a new addition to the team by the name of Rashawn Hendricks, who is their defensive anchor leading the team with 7 steals in game one.


The Monstars   (1-0)

High flying, paint clogging and physical is the game the Monstars like to play. They squeezed out a tough win against The Throne in their first Summer season action. Reggie Stewart lead the way with a double-double, recording 27 points and 13 rebounds.


Team Moose (1-0)

Scoring 106 points in a 50-point week one blowout, Team Moose showed the rest of the league why they should be on the lookout. Kevin Blake finished the game with 30 points hitting 14 of his 18 attempts. Lob 203 will make for an interesting week two showdown.


Flint TropicS    (1-0)

The Flint Tropics dominated in a big win over Fry time, winning by 54 points. Five of their eight guys were in double digits, while all 8 players scored at least one bucket. They put on a clinic in sharing the sugar with 23 assists. Week two against a veteran Sensual Chocoalte team will tell us a lot about this new squad.


Redemption (1-0)

Red-Emption is a fan favorite with a crafty guard by the name of Scott Corchard, who has the ability to facilitate the game and get his teammates involved. During their 13-point week one win against STP, four of the teams players scored in double digits. Mat Pils was one of those players, shooting an immaculate 6-for-6.


Sportslook (1-0)

Bryan Acevedo and Nick Bacarella of Sportslook meant business when they took the floor in their first game of the new season. Acevedo scored 32 points on an efficient 60 percent shooting, and Bacarella helped the effort with 26 points of his own. They locked down the paint recording five blocks as a team in their dominating performance against the Untouchabulls.


Sensual Chocolate (0-1)

With history looming Sensual Chocolate took the floor looking to capture just that against the Brotherhood, but came up shy in overtime. The team fought for 40 plus minutes while Carmine Santorelli, Aaron Samuel, and Bryan Pratt all scored 20+ points.


Stranger Danger (1-0)

With a 15-steal team performance, Stranger Danger showed what it meant to be ball hawks and play team defense. Four of their guys scored double digits, while Tyler Feldman and Bernard Brockenberry both added eight  points each. They take on a tough Throne team in week two.


Run TMC (0-1)

Run TMC is a veteran team to the league, and they know what it takes to win. They lost their first game of the season to Lob 203, but understand that in order to get back to the semifinals a better effort is going to be needed. Will Hudson lead the way with a double-double (17 points and 11 boards). TMC will need to shoot it better against STP in week two.


The ThronE (0-1)

Though The Throne lost their first game of the season, there are a lot of positives to take away. They corralled 23 team rebounds, as Jacobson Jean-Baptiste toted the scoring load with 22 points on 41 percent shooting. They take on Stranger Danger next week, an interesting matchup for both teams.


Lob 203 (1-0)

Lob 203 didn’t do anything special against Run TMC in the season opener, but were still able to lock in their first win of the season coming up with five steals as a team. Those steals lead to easy transition baskets, but they ultimately shot just under 50 percent for the game. They’ll need to shoot better against the high-scoring Team Moose in week two.


Goon Squad (0-1)

This team had a tough matchup in week one, taking on a loaded No Limit team to open the new season. This veteran team knows wins are hard to come by, and will have to pick up their play against rival Sportslook in week two to slow them down and snag a win.


Bad Boyz (1-0)

The Bad Boyz won their opener by 10 on the shoulders of Destin Simmons. The new edition to the league was basically the entire offense, scoring 42 of the team’s 67 points. They’ll need Simmons to continue scoring against the defending champs in week two.


STP (0-1)

STP is a young bunch of guys who seemed to be getting their feet wet in their matchup against town-rival Redemption. They were constantly battling for boards with an impeccable ten offensive rebounds. Mike Slattery and Mike Zazuri both shot at least 50 percent from the field in the 13-point loss. Run TMC is up next in week two.


Flight Club (0-1)

Brandon Guittard of Flight Club kept the team’s spirits up the entire game, filling it up with 24 points and shooting 8-for-10 from the free throw line. The team finished 10-for-12 from the the stripe, and will need to continue attacking the paint in week two against the Double Dribblers.


Double Dribblers (0-1)

Despite being handed their first loss from Stranger Danger, the Double Dribblers kept their competitive spirits high the entire game. All their starters finished in double digits, however it just was not enough due to the lack of a bench.


Untouchabulls (0-1)

The Untouchabulls were anything but untouchable when they took on Sportslook. They lost the game by 32 points, and were out played the entire game. Chris Rosario wouldn’t let the team go down without a fight, as he picked up 27 points making 11-of-20 field goals. They take on a Fry Time team in week two who also struggled in week one.


Sometimes Y (0-1)

Sometimes Y was probably asking themselves why after a crushing defeat to Team Moose. The team’s only bright spot was the fact that three of their players hit double figure scoring, and they shot the ball better in the second half. Week two doesn’t get any easier, as No Limit awaits.


Fry Time (0-1)

Fry Time came out confident in game one, but quickly were deflated by a 54-point loss to the Flint Tropics. They had some bright spots, including Mike McClean who scored ten points and seven rebounds on 50 percent shooting. They can turn things around in week two when they take on the Untouchabulls.