By Connor Sauer

This week’s previews are presented by: Sportslook Passing League


Stranger Danger finally lived up to their potential last week with a very solid win over Redemption. In Week 7, they take on a Sensual Chocolate team that is arguably hotter than anyone in the league right now. Led by Carmine Santorelli, Sensual Chocolate has been playing a dynamic inside-out game over the last few weeks, picking up four consecutive wins. Both teams are ready for this rematch from a season ago, where Stranger Danger knocked off the then-Temptations in a huge first round upset.

Stranger Danger will certainly have their work cut out for them, as they attempt to stop Santorelli from going off for his third-consecutive 40+ point game. For Stranger Danger, they will need to bring the same defensive intensity and communication from their week six performance if they want to walk away with a win.

Players to Watch: Carmine Santorelli (Sensual Chocolate), Steve Echols (Stranger Danger)

  • Santorelli: 44 points in week five against Untouchabulls, and 41 points in week six against Goon Squad
  • Echols: 17 points on 8-of-13 shooting from the field in week six against Redemption

Potential Breakout Players: Troy Brunson (Sensual Chocolate), Melquan Horton (Stranger Danger)

  • Brunson: 27 points and 10 rebounds in week six against Goon Squad
  • Horton: 12 points, 4 steals and 2 blocks in week six against Redemption

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: Sensual Chocolate

Stuckey: Stranger Danger

Ryan: Sensual Chocolate

Greg: Sensual Chocolate


6PM: UNTOUCHABULLS (1-5) vs STP (4-2)

After a slow start to the season, STP has finally hit their stride at the right time, picking up four-consecutive wins. Looking ahead at their week seven matchup, they take on an Untouchabulls team that has really struggled to find wins of late. Other than point guard Chris Rosario, the Untouchabulls have not found a reliable no. 2 option to help carry the load offensively. On the contrary, STP has continuously utilized a balanced four-man rotation off the bench, which has proven to be an efficient system. Unless Rosario can single-handedly overpower STP, I’d expect STP’s depth off the bench to be the deciding factor in this one.

Players to Watch: Chris Rosario (Untouchabulls), Mike Slattery (STP)

  • Rosario: 22.2 PPG on the season
  • Slattery: 24 points on 10-of-17 shooting from the field in week six against Fry Time

Potential Breakout Players: Mike Martinez (Untouchabulls), Kevin Mokarry (STP)

  • Martinez: 10 points and 4 rebounds against Bad Boyz in week six
  • Mokarry: 7 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals against Fry Time in week six

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: STP

Stuckey: STP

Ryan: STP

Greg: STP


7PM: NO LIMIT (6-0) vs LOB 203 (2-4)

No Limit continues to cruise through their schedule, staying undefeated through the first six games. Last week, they were challenged by Run TMC, falling behind by 14 points in the first half. However, they fought through the adversity and pulled away with the win in the fourth quarter. In week seven, Lob 203 is next in line to take on the juggernaut that is No Limit. Lob 203’s Eric Singleton has had a terrific season so far, but his supporting cast has been inconsistent at times. In this one, it’s truly going to take a full team effort if Lob 203 even wants a chance at competing with No Limit on Monday night.

Players to Watch: Jalen Graham (No Limit), Eric Singleton (Lob 203)

  • Graham: 26 points in week six against Run TMC, Winter 2017 MVP
  • Singleton: 24.6 PPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Rashawn Hendricks (No Limit), Cody Dileonardo (Lob 203)

  • Hendricks: 11.8 PPG and 9.2 APG on the season
  • Dileonardo: 5.0 PPG on the season, Summer 16 All-Star

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: No Limit

Stuckey: No Limit

Ryan: No Limit

Greg: No Limit



The storyline heading into this one is that Greg Langston is coming off his historic 68-point performance for the Monstars in week six against Sometimes Y. While the scoring outburst was incredibly impressive, the opponent on the other hand, was not. In what looks to be a more competitive matchup, Sportslook is next to take on the undefeated Monstars in week seven. While the Monstars are the clear favorite on paper, expect to see a confident Sportslook roster who has been rolling this season. Sitting at 4-2, Sportslook has been a pleasant surprise amongst the top half of teams in the league. This is without a doubt the toughest matchup so far on the season for Sportslook, which will shed some light on whether or not they can truly compete with the upper echelon of teams in the league.

Players to Watch: Bryan Acevedo (Sportslook), Greg Langston (Monstars)

  • Acevedo: 25.0 PPG and 4.6 RPG on the season
  • Langston: 68 points on 16-of-32 shooting from 3-point range in week six against Sometimes Y

Potential Breakout Players: Dan Kokkoros (Sportslook), Ty Alston (Monstars)

  • Kokkoros: 10 points and 5 rebounds in week six against Lob 203
  • Alston: 8.8 PPG on the season, Summer 16 All-Star

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: Monstars

Stuckey: Monstars

Ryan: Monstars

Greg: Monstars


8PM: THE THRONE (5-1) vs FRY TIME (0-6)

The Throne picked up their fifth-consecutive win last week with a blowout performance over Flight Club. In week seven, they’re matched up against a Fry Time roster that has not been able to find a rhythm yet this season. The Throne have been extremely impressive this summer, with their only loss coming week one against the still-undefeated Monstars. As for Fry Time, their lack of reliable scoring options from outside the arc makes this team very one dimensional, hence their winless record on the season. Now that The Throne are working with some real momentum, expect them to take advantage of a vulnerable Fry Time lineup on Monday night.

Players to Watch: Jacobson Jean-Baptiste (The Throne), Kevin Bott (Fry Time)

  • Jean-Baptiste: 15.8 PPG and 5.8 RPG on the season
  • Bott: 11.8 PPG on the season (leads team)

Potential Breakout Players: Rob Dupree (The Throne), Jacob Caselli (Fry Time)

  • Dupree: 11 points and 3 blocks in week six against Flight Club
  • Caselli: 6.2 PPG on the season

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: The Throne

Stuckey: The Throne

Ryan: The Throne

Greg: The Throne



Sometimes Y finally gets a manageable opponent after starting out their season with arguably the most difficult schedule in the league. Sometimes Y takes on Flight Club in week seven, two teams who have struggled mightily in comparison to one another. While Flight Club seems to be the favorite due to their slightly higher position in the standings, expect a truly competitive matchup between two lineups who both want to take advantage of this opportunity. Keep an eye out for the electrifying Flight Club home crowd, as they tend to pack the stands for their team every Monday night.

Players to Watch: John Lutters (Sometimes Y), Brandon Guittard (Flight Club)

  • Lutters: 18 points on 6-of-12 shooting from 3-point range in week six against Monstars
  • Guittard: 15.0 PPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Jay Ramos (Sometimes Y), Sean Good (Flight Club)

  • Ramos: 11 points and 9 rebounds in week six against Monstars
  • Good: 16 points on 6-of-8 shooting from the field in week six against The Throne

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: Flight Club

Stuckey: Flight Club

Ryan: Sometimes Y

Greg: Flight Club


9PM: RUN TMC (2-4) vs TEAM MOOSE (4-2)

After consecutive losses to The Brotherhood and No Limit, things don’t get any easier for Run TMC as they look ahead to a week seven matchup with Team Moose. Team Moose is coming off a historic victory over The Brotherhood, beating them in shocking fashion by double digits. The victory for Team Moose subsequently meant the first ever loss for The Brotherhood in Legacy Leagues history. With the win, Team Moose solidified themselves as a top contender in this league. For Run TMC, they have shown the ability to compete with the best teams in the league, yet have struggled to close out some of their games in the second half. Still, Run TMC is much better than their record reflects, so Team Moose cannot overlook them in this one. If they do, they might be the ones being put on upset alert.

Players to Watch: John Rullan (Run TMC), Kevin Blake (Team Moose)

  • Rullan: 14.4 PPG on the season, 2-time All-Star
  • Blake: 16.2 PPG and 4.2 RPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Brandon Seabrook (Run TMC), Brad Seaman (Team Moose)

  • Seabrook: 13.4 PPG on the season
  • Seaman: 9.8 PPG and 4.6 RPG on the season

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: Run TMC

Stuckey: Team Moose

Ryan: Team Moose

Greg: Team Moose



The Bad Boyz earned their third win of the season against the Untouchabulls in week six, evening out their record at .500. Despite the victory, some may say that the Bad Boyz played down to the level of their opponent, making the game closer than it really had to be. Regardless, a win is a win, and the Bad Boyz are starting to gain momentum at the right time of the season. In week seven the Bad Boyz take on the Double Dribblers, who are still seeking their first taste of victory this season. Other than Bernard Brantley and Jesse Doucette, the Double Dribblers lack the caliber of players necessary to compete with most of the teams in the league. Unless the Bad Boyz let the Double Dribblers hang around like they did with the Untouchabulls, I wouldn’t expect a highly contested matchup in this one.

Players to Watch: Tre Blake (Bad Boyz), Bernard Brantley (Double Dribblers)

  • Blake: 26.5 PPG and 8.0 RPG on the season
  • Brantley: 22.7 PPG and 8.0 RPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Matt Shannon (Bad Boyz), Jesse Doucette (Double Dribblers)

  • Shannon: 11 points and 6 rebounds in week six against Untouchabulls
  • Doucette: 11.7 PPG on the season

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: Bad Boyz

Stuckey: Bad Boyz

Ryan: Bad Boyz

Greg: Bad Boyz



After a long-fought battle with Team Moose in week six, The Brotherhood are no longer invincible, finally being defeated for the first time in Legacy Leagues history. In week seven, The Brotherhood take on Goon Squad, a team that has played The Brotherhood tough in the past. Last week, The Brotherhood looked very vulnerable without Russ Payton on the court, which makes his injury status important to keep an eye on. Jonathan Robles also looked hobbled in his first game back for The Brotherhood, only scoring four points in his return. If Robles still isn’t 100 percent, and Payton misses more time, The Brotherhood could be at risk of suffering yet another loss. Mike Davis was outstanding in week six, yet still came up short due to the lack of support from his teammates. While Goon Squad is still the clear underdog, it wouldn’t be crazy to expect a game that may be decided by a few baskets either way.

Players to Watch: Mike Davis (The Brotherhood), Matt Marconi (Goon Squad)

  • Davis: 32 points on 13-of-17 shooting from the field in week six against Team Moose
  • Marconi: 24.0 PPG and 8.7 RPG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Kevin Rivera (The Brotherhood), Jake Van Sant (Goon Squad)

  • Rivera: 5.4 PPG on the season, Winter 17 5th Man of the Year.
  • Van Sant: 13 points and 4 rebounds in week six against Sensual Chocolate

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: The Brotherhood

Stuckey: The Brotherhood

Ryan: The Brotherhood

Greg: The Brotherhood



The Flint Tropics got back on track in week six with a solid win over the Double Dribblers. The Flint Tropics had their depth on full display, easily earning the victory despite missing their two highest scorers. In week seven, the Tropics are poised to take on Redemption, last season’s runner up in the Finals. Redemption has struggled to live up to the expectations set from last season, sitting at 3-3 through six weeks. However, a matchup with the Flint Tropics gives Redemption the chance to show everyone that they are still a contender in the Legacy Leagues. These two teams both play fundamentally sound basketball, utilizing all players on their respective lineups. Ultimately, the Flint Tropics look to be the favorite, but don’t sleep on the experience and talent that Redemption has to offer.

Players to Watch: Cody Doubleday (Flint Tropics), Scott Corchard (Redemption)

  • Doubleday: 19 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 blocks, 3 steals in week six against the Double Dribblers
  • Corchard: 11.4 PPG and 2.2 APG on the season

Potential Breakout Players: Ryan Caggiano (Flint Tropics), Erik Silva (Redemption)

  • Caggiano: 16 points on 4-of-8 shooting from three-point range in week six against Double Dribblers
  • Silva: 11.3 PPG and 4.3 RPG on the season

Legacy League Prediction:

Connor: Flint Tropics

Stuckey: Flint Tropics

Ryan: Flint Tropics

Greg: Flint Tropics