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The Week 8 Game of the Week certainly lived up to the hype, as No Limit took down The Brotherhood in a heated battle that came down to the final seconds. This game solidified No Limit as the true no. 1 in the power rankings, beating the former placeholder in The Brotherhood. No Limit showed that they could fight through adversity, even against an elite team like The Brotherhood. With the playoffs only one week away, expect No Limit to be the top-seed favorite with a wave of momentum working in their favor.



Through nine weeks of action, the Monstars remain the only other undefeated team outside of No Limit. In a finals-rematch from last season, Redemption surprisingly hung with the Monstars until the final minutes of the game, before they were overpowered by the depth and endurance. In Week 9, they take on a steaming-hot Sensual Chocolate team for a final test before entering the postseason. With both teams on win streaks, only one will continue going into the playoffs.



The Brotherhood may have lost in heart-breaking fashion to No Limit in Week 8, but they played a great game all the way until the final horn. After falling behind early by double-digits, The Brotherhood rallied together, and sparked a run that got them right back into things. In the end, the game was decided by a single basket, but things could have gone either way. Regardless, the playoffs are what’s most important for The Brotherhood, and they will have their eyes set on earning their third Legacy Leagues championship when the playoffs officially begin.



Team Moose was impressive once again in Week 8, stopping STP’s win streak thanks to some stingy lock-down defense. Connor Daly continues to be a standout player on both ends of the court, but it’s his defensive prowess that garners all the attention. Despite uncharacteristic turnovers in the first half, Team Moose was very efficient with their offensive possessions, shooting over 76% as a team. With the playoffs coming up, Team Moose looks to be a promising contender that should be revered around the league.




Sensual Chocolate has really put the pieces together since their last loss in Week 2. Carmine Santorelli had a “quiet” triple double in Week 8, while his brother Nick Santorelli finished just a few steals and points away from a quadruple-double himself. The overall versatility of the Santorelli brothers paired with the size they have down low makes them a formidable opponent heading into the postseason. In Week 9, they take on the Monstars for their final test of the regular season, and we can expect to feel some playoff intensity in the building during the last week of the regular season.



It looked like the Flint Tropics were hungry for a blowout win Tuesday night, as they crushed Sometimes Y, 129-50. The whole team put on a passing clinic, with no player having less than 5 assists. Mike Bozzuto and Ryan Caggiano benefited on many of the good looks, scoring 29 points apiece. They remain near the top of the rankings, and have shown they will be a tough out in the playoffs. As for many teams, it will come down to matchups in the playoffs, but this team has definitely shown they can compete with anyone.



The Throne have been rolling this season, not losing a game since their Week 1 barn-burner against the Monstars. They took down the Bad Boyz in an overtime thriller Week 8, prevailing in overtime.. Despite flaunting one of the best records in the league, The Throne have been flying under the radar amongst the league’s top contenders. Joe Baccielo has officially made himself eligible for the playoffs, which is a difference maker for The Throne. A healthy Baccielo come playoff time will make them a dangerous team, one which must be taken seriously.



Sportslook played with a shorthanded roster Monday night, and they chose a good week to do so. Despite having only 4 players, Sportslook took down Fry Time, 61-52. No Bryan Acevedo? No problem, as Dan Kokkoros took the reigns of the offense, scoring 27 points. Sportslook holds their placing at no. 8, and still looks to be a competitive team with the playoffs starting in August.



Redemption took on the Monstars in Week 8 for the first time since losing to them in last season’s championship. While the Monstars were the clear-cut favorite, Redemption shocked everyone with a competitive performance in the losing-effort. If Redemption can continue to operate efficiently on the offensive end, they have a realistic chance to beat anyone. With an experienced roster, Redemption has real potential to upset some top-seeded teams in the postseason.



The Bad Boyz suffered their second overtime-defeat this season in Week 8, losing to The Throne, 76-69. The Throne capitalized on the opportunities in the extra minutes, sending the Bad Boyz home with the loss. The Bad Boyz have a pretty formidable lineup despite what their record may imply. They can cause some serious damage once the playoffs begin if teams sleep on them based on where they sit in the standings. The Bad Boyz will have a competitive matchup against Stranger Danger with seeding on the line to conclude their regular season.



Run TMC finally got back in the win column for the first time in four weeks with a great performance over Stranger Danger on Tuesday night. Will Hudson and Brandon Seabrook lead the way, combining for 40 points in the win. Run TMC will enter the playoffs as a lower seed, but their record does not truly reflect their level of talent. Expect to see a battle in Week 9 between two of the league’s most experienced teams when Run TMC takes on Goon Squad.



Goon Squad picked up a win over Lob 203 on Monday night, but it was the absence of Brandon Massaro that made the win so impressive. Goon Squad has struggled to find production from their bench all season, so it was reassuring to see other players step up. Matt Marconi continues to provide that veteran leadership, physically powering his team on both ends of the court. Goon Squad will go up against Run TMC in the final week of the season which should be a fun game to watch.



Stranger Danger takes a late fall in the power rankings, in similar fashion to the way they fell late to Run TMC in their Week 8 matchup. Stranger Danger yet again lost control of things in the fourth quarter, throwing up careless turnovers on crucial possessions. Despite the recent slide in the standings, Stranger Danger must keep themselves composed, as they still have a capable lineup with potential to make noise in the playoffs. We’ve seen Stranger Danger pull off a playoff upset in the past, so you can’t count these guys out just yet.



STP’s win streak came to a screeching halt in Week 8 when they were smothered by Team Moose’s notorious defense. STP was a team that ranked high in the standings, but lacked statement wins to solidify themselves as contenders in the league. Sitting at 5-3 on the season, STP will have another tough game against Sportslook in Week 9 before entering the playoffs, and they will need bounce-back performances from Mike Zazuri and Mike Slattery.



Lob 203 has had a rough season, showing flashes of potential at times, but never fully reaching expectations. In Week 8, Lob 203 was disappointing in a losing effort against Goon Squad. Goon Squad was short handed, missing one of their key players in Brandon Massaro. Despite the fortunate advantage, Lob 203 failed to capitalize. Eric Singleton scored 31 points, while his supporting cast combined for 27. This has been the story all season for Lob 203, as they continue to struggle to find ways to supplement Singleton’s offense.



The Untouchabulls get themselves back in the win column for the first time since Week 2, taking down Flight Club on Tuesday night. Even with no Chris Rosario, the Untouchabulls found ways to find offensive production in guys like Josh Avery and Mike Martinez, who combined for 35 points. Despite being the underdog on paper, the Untouchabulls looked like the more complete team on both ends of the floor. They take on Team Moose in their final matchup of the Summer 17 season.



Flight Club failed to capitalize on a nice opportunity to level out their record with a matchup against the Untouchabulls. Flight Club’s sharpshooter, Jacob Miller, was physically present at the game, but played very limited minutes. Miller has been a prominent scorer for Flight Club, and his absence throughout most of the game definitely hindered his team’s approach. Flight Club faces a steep opponent in Week 9 when they take on the Flint Tropics to wrap up their season.




The Double Dribblers faced off against Sensual Chocolate with no Bernard Brantley at their disposal. The Double Dribblers have had a tough season, but to their credit, have also had a brutal schedule. Jesse Doucette has been a sniper from the outside all season, representing one of the few bright spots on this team. In Week 9, the Double Dribblers should have their most competitive matchup of the season, taking on the still-winless Fry Time squad.



Fry Time moves up 1 place for the final week of the rankings after showing some fight only losing by only 9 to Sportslook. Sure, Sportslook had no subs, but being in a game for the full 40 minutes is an improvement for this team with the playoffs right around the corner. Fry Time gets a realistic chance at earning their first win when they take on the Double Dribblers in Week 9.



Sometimes Y’s 79-point loss against the Flint Tropics marked the largest margin of defeat on the season. Ultimately this team has never been able to compete with any of the teams they have played, even losing by double-digits to fellow lower tier teams like the Flight Club. In Week 9, they take on a Lob 203 team led by Eric Singleton. The possibility of ending the season without a win in unfortunately a very real possibility.